Top Six Places to Take a Girl Out For a Date

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  1. Cooking them dinner/lunch/breakfast. You can approuch this in two ways: You can either surprise them or make a date night by cooking dinner together. It is a lot more fun than just sitting at a restuarant. By making dinner together you are also able to bond and you may find out a few things that you did not know about the other person

  2. Look around for any local events in your newpaper or researching online. Sometimes there are interesting events going on in your community that are perfect for a date night such as winetastings, festivals, or fairs. You stay active, so you and your date can get to know each other easier, unlike having to keep quiet at the movies.

  3. Gather up some simple finger foods or easy to eat takeout, grab a blanket or some sheets and hang out by a lake or beach. You could even set the mood further by having some music in the background. Depending on what season you do this, you should also bring some mosquito repellant or citronella candle otherwise you date will be cut short from being attacked by bugs.

  4. Play an easy to learn sport such as tennis or basketball. You want to pick a sport that you are not necessarily really good at, but something where you both can have fun. I do not suggest this type of date if you or your date gets too competitive or aggressive. It may lead to a fight. That is not cool.

  5. Volunteer at a place where you and your date can both enjoy. Places such as Habitat for Humanity, child day cares, entertaining the elderly at a retirement home, children hospitals, school related events, etc. -Note this depends on the type of girl. Not every person is interested in volunteering.

  6. Public places such as museums, aquariums, zoos, flower gardens, national parks, etc. provide endless opportunities for one on one conversation. This way, you are able to see what are her dislikes and likes. SInce you are actively doing something, you both will be able to loosen up and be more comfortable with each other without worrying about what to talk about.


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