Save Money: 7 Things College Students May Want, But Don't Need

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  1. A car. A car is a chore to have – that’s the truth. It may be somewhat convenient at times, but if you have one when you’re in college, it will just cost time, money, effort, and make you the private chauffeur of all your friends. Having a car is one of the biggest no-no’s for a college student to own unless it’s absolutely necessary.
  2. A credit card. There is no need to have a credit card. Use a debit card. Having money directly withdrawn from a checking account will make students more conscious of the money they are spending, and will encourage college students to spend less and save more.
  3. New texbooks. Not buying new texbooks is one of the easiest ways a college student can save money. You can buy used books, or even eBooks, and it’s exactly the same content.
  4. Large meal plan. This is a mistake I made my first year in college. Now I see how much money I wasted. Better late than never! There is really no need for a large meal plan if the college is anywhere near a store that sells groceries. You can save a lot of money if you just keep some easily preserved food in your room and only eat a meal or two at the schools cafeteria each day.
  5. Cable. A college student does not need cable. First of all, a college student shouldn’t be watching enough TV to benefit from having cable. Second of all, whatever show the student may be looking to watch can be found online – and if it isn’t online, then you can always go to a public place on campus with a TV.
  6. High-end computer. In today’s world, it is quite necessary for college students to have some sort of computer. However, it only needs to be able to browse the internet and run something like Microsoft Word. That is all. A high-end computer is not required for either of these two things, and having a high-end computer may encourage gameplay or other “not useful” habits for college students to have.
  7. Printer. All colleges have community printers. Students do not need to have their own private printers in their rooms. Not having a printer will save both money and space in the room.

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