How to Write Profitable Articles

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There are countless topics that you could write about. But to make the biggest certain impact on your business, the articles that work the best are those that  fit the interests of your area of interest market.

If your business is promoting information products to stay-at-home moms who want to start their own at-home business, then you need to write articles that demonstrate your experience in that area. When those readers get to your resource field at the end of your article, they’ll click on the hyperlink expecting more of the same great content. Writing articles for dog lovers, for instance, when your target audience is aspiring work-at-home mothers simply doesn’t make sense.

The best explanation I’ve ever heard of this was through Jimmy D. Brown who coined the term “useful but incomplete”.  What he meant was that your articles will have to be “useful” to your target audience, but “incomplete” in that they must lead the reader to hungrily seek additional information from you. They’ll flip to your resource field looking for more.

Quality is also a key ingredient to successful articles. While anyone can throw together a few sentences, combine a few paragraphs, paste on a resource box and call it an article, this slap-dash method is not likely to produce the results you desire. Quite simply, quality content is the key for any kind of success in article marketing.

Online article directories are filled with articles written by non-native language writers who don’t understand grammar or sentence structure, or by those who have simply copied what someone else wrote and plugged it into an article spinner without thought for the value of the finished article. Using such shoddy marketing methods will never help your article marketing efforts, and will likely brand you as unprofessional and harm your reputation as a business owner.

Most editors in search of content would rather find an expert on with 10 high-quality articles, than one with 500 junk articles. When editors and readers see junk articles, they assume that everything that person does is junk. Not a great way to build a business!

When you offer well-written, relevant content that helps your reader answer a question or gain new knowledge and understanding of a subject matter they’re interested in, you’ll establish yourself as an expert and advance your article marketing efforts and, ultimately, your business.This would ultimately translate into a steady amount of visitors to your site and most likely an increase in sales.


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