The Daily Show Jon Stewart Welcomes Former Senator John Sununu

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Last night’s broadcast of The Daily Show was a good show, featuring an interview with former Senator John Sununu, a nice slam to grandstanding congressmen, a look at more Obama love at a Florida town hall, and yet another sub par installment from John Hodgeman.

You’re Welcome

Resident Expert John Hodgeman of the Mac versus PC commercials eeks outs his sixteenth minute of fame with the first installation of his newest segment, You’re Welcome. The snide and self satisfied routine was funny enough during his first couple of visits to the show, but he’s now sounding more and more like the sort of internet troll you’d find at a forum like fark, chuckling to himself at the perceived piercing wit of his latest indulgent post. Best line: “John, no time for questions, only bold incomplete sentences: Credit Frozen! Retail Sales Cratering!”

Hope and Change Update

Stewart’s take on Obama’s visit to Fort Myers, Florida, home of the highest foreclosures in the country and unemployment of 14%. I vacationed in the town as a kid and had no idea it had gotten that rough, so my ears perked up when I heard that one. When they cut back and forth between enraptured audience members at an Obama town hall to Stewart, his facial expressions said it all. I’m behind Obama, but it’s scary how emotional people get over him. Best part: The young man in the ball cap getting overcome with being able to ask Obama a simple question – “Oh, thank you Jesus!”

John Sununu Interview

It’s always cool to see that a show that is as popular with young people as The Daily Show features their main interview to discuss something serious, as they do at least two days a week. The economy is the big story these days of course, and I think that interviews such as this one show just how little Jon Stewart and most of America understands basic economics. For instance, his idea to use federal bail out money to erase consumer debt. It sounds like a reasonable suggestion to the average guy, but just draws blank stares from real economists and policy makers. Kudos to the show for putting Stewart and the rest of us in a corner on the subject. Still, his overall point is right, where were republicans with all of the previous waste. Best part: Stewart, exasperated, calls former Senator Sununu “Dude.”


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