400 Cute Username Ideas For Girls: Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, Msn, Yahoo

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400 Cute Username Ideas for Girls: Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, MSN, Yahoo

Enjoy these girly username ideas!  These are cute words that I put together to create cute usernames.  There are countless websites that will require you to enter a username, and many people like to have cute usernames.  So if you’re looking for a cute username idea for Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, or any online site, you will enjoy these name ideas! You can always mix and match them around!

Use them for your email address on Gmail, Hotmail, Rocketmail, YMail, etc.

You can also use these username ideas in your onlineblog, or as your forum username, your pen name, alias, or even as your website name.

What if the username you like is already taken? No worries, that can be remedied =) 

Here are some suggestions to make your cute username unique:

  • Reverse the words.

  • Add an s.

  • Add a word.

  • Add a number.

  • Add a space if allowed.

  • Add an underscore.

  • Add your nickname.

  • Add your initials.

  • Put “the” in front.

  • Remove the spaces.

  • Change the spelling.

Here are the cute username ideas for you!

Angel Bearhugs

Angel Belle

Angel Birdie

Angel Charms

Angel Chickadee

Angel Crystals

Angel Cupid

Angel Firefly

Angel Genie

Angel Ladybug

Angel McQueen

Angel Penguin

Angel Power

Angel Smartypants

Angel Starburst

Angel Tweetie

Angel Twilight

Angel Wings

Angel Wizard

Angelstar Blossom

Angelstar Butterfly

Angelstar Cutie

Angelstar Princess

Anna Banana



Baby Angelstars

Baby Babe

Baby Bearhugs

Baby Beautiful

Baby Blue

Baby Boo

Baby Bum

Baby Chickadee

Baby Cotton Candy

Baby Dandelion

Baby Honeywaffles

Baby Ladybug

Baby Ninja Star

Baby Pebbles

Baby Penguin

Baby Piggy

Baby Sugarcube

Baby Tiger

Baby Twilight

Baby Twinkles

Baby Valentine

Ballerina Girl

Banana Bear

Banana Bug

Beach Birdies

Bearhug Angel

Bearhug Cupcakes

Bearhug Tickles



Bells and Whistles

Bionic Angel

Bionic Princess


Birdie Chickadee

Birdie Chirp

Birdie Cupcake

Birdie Ninja

Birdie Tweetie

Blackberry Ninja

Blogger Genie


Blossom Angelstars

Blossom Chickadee

Blossom Genie

Blossom Hearts

BooBoo Bear

Boogie Penguin

Bootiful Owl


Brownie Cupcakes

Brownie Supreme

Bubble Alien

Bubble Bug

Bubble Burst

Bubble Cupcake

Bubble Genie

Bubble Girl

Bubble Gum

Bubble Snowflakes

Buttercup Angelstars

Buttercup Bearhugs

Buttercup Dandelion

Butterfly Angelstars

Butterfly Bearhugs

Butterfly Crystals

Butterfly Flutters

Butterfly Genie

Butterfly Hearts

Butterfly Ladybird

Butterfly Sprinkles

Butterfly Sundae


Candy Cakes

Candy Kisses

Candy Muffins

Candy Skittles

Candy Swirl

Candycane Genie

Captain Bearhugs

Captain Klutz

Captain Ninja

Captain Penguin

Captain Petunia

Cheekie Angel


Cheekie Petunia

Cherry Bloom

Cherry Bubbles

Cherry Bug

Cherry Cakes

Cherry Dazzles

Cherry Girl

Cherry Hearts

Cherry Kisses

Cherry Ladybird

Cherry Sprinkles

Chic Angel

Chic Chocolate

Chic Cupcake

Chic Pink

Chic Princess


Chickadee Birdie

Chicken Doodles

Chickie Angel

Chickie Cupcake

Chickie Muffin

Chickie Pie

Chickie Rainbow

Chickie Sunshine

Chicky Cupcake

Chicky Rainbow

Chicky Sunshine

Chipmunk Giggles

Chocolate Milkshake

Chocolate Mousse

Chocolate Penguin

Chocolate Sundae


Coco Cookies

Coco Smurf

Cotton Candy Honeybear

Cotton Candy Sprinkles

Cotton Candy Sundae

Crazy Chipmunk

Crazy Cupcake

Crazy Doodles

Crazy Love

Crazy Monkey

Crazy Pink

Cuddly Bear

Cupcake Alien

Cupcake Angel

Cupcake Angelstars

Cupcake Bubbles

Cupcake Chickadee

Cupcake Doodles

Cupcake Petals

Cupcake Snowflakes

Cupcake Sprinkles

Cupcake Sundae

Cupcake Sweetie

Cupid Angelstars

Cupid Bearhugs

Cupid Blossom

Cupid Bubbles

Cupid Kisses

Cupid Love

Cupid Princess

Cupid Smartypants

Cupid Twinkles

Cuppy Cakes

Curly Fries

Cute Penguin

Cutesie Angel

Cutesie Butterfly

Cutesie Chickadee

Cutesie Cupcake

Cutesie Cupid

Cutesie Doodles


Cutesie Ladybug

Cutesie Pixie

Cutie Blogger

Cutie Cheeks

Cutie Cupid

Cutie Genie

Cutie Hearts

Cutie Ladybird

Cutie Ladybug

Cutie Mayflower

Cutie Pie

Cutie Sprinkles

Cutie Sunflower

Cutie Sunshine

Cutie Woodpecker

Cutie Wow

Cutiepie Angel


Daisy Ladybug

Dandelion Doodles

Diamond Doodles

Doc Wizard

Dodo Man

Donut Sprinkles

Doodle Alien

Doodle Chickadee

Doodle Queen

Fairy Angelstars

Fairy Tale

Fairytale Angel

Fairytale Blossom

Fairytale Bubbles

Fairytale Buttercup

Fairytale Butterfly

Fairytale Cupcake

Fairytale Doodles

Fairytale Kisses

Fairytale Rainbow

Fairytale Snowflakes

Fairytale Twinkles

Fancypants Ninja

Flower Angelstars

Flower Chickadee

Flying High

Forever In Love

Fortune Cookie

Frilly Angels

Frilly Princess


Froggie Twit

Funky Alien

Funky Blogger

Funky Buttercup

Funky Chickie

Funky Chicky

Funky Chipmunk

Funky Doodles

Funky Genie

Funky Hearts

Funky Ninja

Funky Penguin

Funky Pixie

Funky Scribbles

Funny Chipmunk

Funny Dinosaur

Funny Man

Funny Monkey

Funny Penguin

Funny Pickles

Funny Ticklebone

Funny Vampire

Funny Wabbit

Garden Rose

Geeky Angel

Geeky Chipmunk

Geeky Monkey

Genie Blogger

Genie Blossom

Genie Candycane

Genie Hearts

Genie Honeypie

Genie Kisses

Genie Magic

Genie Pie

Genie Princess

Genie Twinkles

Genius Genie

Giggle Babe

Giggling Monkey

Girlie Chickadee

Glamorous Girl

Goody Ladybug

Goofy Angel

Grandslam Cupcakes

Grandslam Doodles

Grandslam Pink

Grandslam Princess

Grinning Monkey

Grizzly Bear

Grizzly Hugs

Groovy Angel

Gummie Bears

Happy Blogger

Happy Gennie

Happy Hamster

Happy Princess

Happy Squirrel


Heart Blossom

Heart Monster

Heart Sprinkles

Hello Angelstar

Hello Cupcake

Hey It’s Me

Honey Angelstars

Honey Bearhugs

Honey Birdie

Honey Bugs

Honey Chickadee

Honey Ginger

Honey Gingerbread

Honey Kitty

Honey Ladybug

Honey Smartypants

Honey Starburst

Honey Sugarcube

Honey Twilight

Honeybear Dandelion

Honeybear Sundae


Honeycake Petals


Honeypie Chickadee

Huggie Pooh

Jelly Muffin

Jingle Belle

Kitty Bear

Kitty Cheeks

Kitty Cupcake

Kitty Hugs

Kitty Kisses

Kitty Nightingale

Ladybird Angel

Ladybird Cupcake

Ladybug Angel

Ladybug Cupcake

Ladybug Doodles

Ladybug Genie

Ladybug Monster

Ladybug Ninja

Ladybug Princess

Ladybug Rainbow

Lightning Bolt

Lil Butterfly

Lil Cupcake

Lil Lamb

Lil Princess

Lil Pumpkin

Lil Squirrel

Little Birdie

Little Birdy

Little Butterfly

Little Chickadee

Little Cutie

Little Genie

Little Ladybird

Little Ladybug

Little Monster

Little Penguin

Little Star

Lollipop Birdie

Love Monster

Love Twilight

Lovey Angel

Lovey Butterfly

Lovey Chickadee

Lovey Cupcakes

Lovey Doodle

Lovey Princess

Lucky Girl

Lucky Ladybug

Madame Angel

Madame Ladybug

Madame Princess


Magic Genie



Mega Doodle



Mischievous Genie

Miss Lil Ladybug

Miss McQueen





Monkey Face

Monkey Grin

Monkey Vampire

Monster Bearhugs

Monster Chickadee

Monster Love

Ms Wizard


Muffin Angelstars

Muffin Sprinkles



Ninja Babe

Ninja Bearhugs

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