Got a Business Idea? What is Holding You Back?

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You have always known that you wanted to own your own business!


You just never felt “at home” working the daily grind, and you always knew you could achieve and offer so much more!

Maybe you even have a list of awesome business ideas that you are just waiting to spring onto the scenes!


Let me ask you this……

What is holding you back?

Statistics overwhelmingly show that many people have these business ownership dreams, but they never get to the launching phase!

That gets me thinking!

I want to know why!

Because, many of these people truly do have some very unique and “ahead of our time” business type ideas!


That excites me!

I just can’t stop wondering how great and awesome the world might be if all of those people with those great ideas had the opportunity to actually get them out there and give them the best shot at success!

That’s kind of how I see myself!

As someone helping people with unique ideas get them out there!

And get them out there in a way that ensures you the very best possibilities for success!

I guess I tend to believe that if we get all these ideas out there and functioning, we might really be creating a pretty nice world to live in!

You with me?

Well, I analyzed the situation and searched for some information about why people hold back on launching their business ideas!

I found some very interesting info, to say the least!

I discovered 3 primary reasons why people who have business ideas haven’t taken the plunge!


All I can say is……

Very interesting!

Here you go……


The fear of not succeeding in some way stops many potential entrepreneurs from trying to start their own business.

This essentially can be viewed as a lack of confidence.

The potential entrepreneur lacks the confidence necessary to take the business owner plunge!


Many, many people put off their dreams of owning their own business due to finances.

Sometimes, potential business owners do not have the funding that is necessary to actually start the business.

Just as frequently, many people with dreams of owning their own business hold off because they are concerned about how they will survive and provide for their families during the starting phases of the business, when income can come intermittently.


This might be somewhat shocking, but many potential business owners actually never get started because they either lack an idea entirely, or have part of an idea that they feel needs completion before the person would ever feel confident in plunging into the business ownership scene!

Sometimes people have an idea, but have trouble identifying that this idea would in fact work very well as a business!

Sometimes people have the perfect idea, but need that special creative spark that really gets that business flame going full force!

Well, there you have it!

There you go!

Now you know the 3 greatest barriers that hold most people back from starting their own business.

Can you identify some that you are experiencing too?

Lisa Kai Lee is a 30 year old wife living with her husband in the Los Angeles area. Lisa Kai Lee has a website that is filled with useful information that you just might need to know someday! SMART TIPS FOR SMART PEOPLE  Visit and subscribe!!!


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