Lower Your Car Insurance Today

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To help you here’s our top ten tips for lowering your car insurance premiums.

1. Shop Around

Car insurance is a very competitive industry, this works in your favour so make sure you shop around properly. Ringing around for quotes is a good start as you can start playing them of against each other

2. Online

If you can’t bear the thought of ringing up a load of insurers try an online comparison’s site. Some sites you can check over 95 % of car insurers in a couple of minutes of search time.

3. Specialist

It’s always worth searching out specialist insurance if you can. If you are a female, over 50 or a young driver there will be specialist insurers who will cater specifically for you and provide preferential rates.

4. Security

Having the right anti theft devices fitted should lower your premium. Get Thatcham approved immobilisers, alarms and trackers

5. Combine

If you have a few cars in the household you might be able to get some discount by insuring more than one car with the same firm. Also you might get discounts if you have already have your home insurance with the insurer.

6. Stick it in the diary/apply as new customer

To avoid being forced to decide quickly, stick it in the diary so there’s plenty of time to sort out a new provider. Apply for cover from your existing insurer as a new customer and it’s likely you’ll be given a cheaper price.

7. Voluntary Excess

You might want to look at voluntary excess. This is the amount you pay before the insurance company picks up the rest. This can be small but if you opt for a higher voluntary excess this would seriously lower your policy costs.

8. Limited Mileage

Try to predict approximately how many miles you will probably drive. A ‘limited mileage policy’ will reduce your insurance quote.

9. Pay in one go

Pay for insurance in one go as monthly payment plans can see the overall costs bumped up considerably.

10. Don’t inflate the price of your car

This can only lead to your premium being higher. If you have a crash or car is stolen you will only get the market value anyway.


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