How to Make Mango Aamras Recipe

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Aamras is a popular dessert in Rajasthani cuisine and Marwari, Maharashtra, Gujrati homes, especially during festivals. The pulp of a ripe fruit is extracted usually by hand and consumed along with chapati. At times ghee and milk are added to the pulp to enhance its flavor. Now sugar is also added to adjust the sweetness.

There are different sweetmeats produced from the processed pulp are very popular among the Maharashtrian community. Here are the list below :

i) Amba Poli : The pulp is mixed with sugar and sundried on flat steel plates. The dried pulp forms stiff layers which are stacked on top of each other. The stacks are then cut into large squares and then packed.

ii) Amba Burfi : The pulp is mixed with sugar and reduced to a thick paste by boiling. The reduced pulp is then mixed with khoya and chopped nuts. the mixture is allowed to cool in large flat pans and cut into cubes and then packed.

iii) Ambyacha Shira : the pulp is mixed with sugar, nuts and cooked along with semolina in water or milk. Once cooked, the mixture looks like mango (yellow) color and is ready to eat.

iv) Ambebhath : The pulp is mixed with sugar, nuts and cooked along with boiled white rice. Once the pulp is reduced, the ambebhath is ready to eat.

Ingredients :

– 1 kg fresh ripe mango (ripe Aam)

– 1 cup sugar

– 1 1/2 teaspoon cardamom powder

– 1 glass milk

– 1 cup water

Preparation :

1) Wash the mangoes.

2) Peel and cut into small pieces.

3) Add sugar, milk, water and mango pieces in a blender.

4) Add the cardamom powder and mix well, or you can add the cardamom powder along with other ingredients in the blender.

5) Serve the beverage cold with chapati or paratha.

6) You can serve this dish as a dessert after your dinner or lunch.

7) Enjoy delicious Mango Aamras!!!!


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