Avatar 2 is Coming

Avatar 2 is Coming. A few days before the emergence of revolutionary blockbuster Avatar in DVD and Blue-ray format in the world market, the producer Jon Landau has revealed intriguing details about a possible extension.He said that the chances for the realization of the second part of the movie are too large, but still prevent the noise around the original proceeding to the main idea.

“One of our best features is that we are most successful when working under its own pressure. That’s been created and” Titanic “and” Avatar. “Idea for 3D hit was totally our idea and we do not imposed by anyone, but still no special meaning to work on it. I have no plot or script, and most importantly, the second part is fun, unique and recreated as the original.I believe we will do it because the public wants it, but trust entirely to Jim (Cameron) – when should it happen. It is done twice for its popular movies, both times they exceeded several times the success of its predecessors, so rest assured – Avatar 2 will have, “said Landau.

However, whether the second part would have the same financial success as the original. Only until the first 3D feature film in history has brought revenue of more than two billion dollars and 708 million worldwide, giving it a first place in the history of cinema in this aspect. When we talk about a name like James Cameron, however, anything is possible.

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