Hot Peppers Against Weight

Recent research on hot peppers they describe as almost a panacea, which burns fat and helps us to stop the pain. Hot chili peppers help fight weight, not only our sweat but also enhance the metabolism and melt fat. Warmth pouring our meal at their practice enhances the burning of calories and “oxidized” whole layers of fatty deposits. 

For those who can not thrust in your mouth such a “bomb”, scientists have discovered that the main ingredient – capsaicin, contained in certain types of not hot peppers . Although the animals avoid this vegetable because of “heat”, people like him for the same reason and include it in their food for thousands of years. Scientists from the University of California believe that hot peppers can be part of the diet of people who want to loose weight. 

However, not all. Colleagues from the University of Texas trying to learn about the peppers used in the development of pain to cross the root of pain. They found a substance very similar to capsaicin, the places in the body that hurt. The capsaicin is burning sensation created by connecting to receptors in cells of the body. 

Similarly, in another injury or pain in the body are released similar substances – fatty acids through the receptors cause the sensation of pain. If production is blocked, chronic pain can be stopped, scientists believe. They hope to create a new class of painkillers to patients who are not addicted and that one day could replace morphine and drugs such as aspirin. They will be able to treat various chronic pain, including. related diseases such as cancer or arthritis. 

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