Aromatherapy: Benefits And Cautions

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History of aromatherapy dates back to centuries age of ancient civilization. When people discovered certain plant aromas had soothing, healing effects when they crushed in the palm of the hand or burnt on the fire. The first recorded uses of aromatic oils date back 6000 years, when perfumed oils were a treasured part of Egyptian life. Different cultures had used it differently. While aromatherapy candles had not yet been developed, ancient aromatherapy products India included herb-based incense sticks that were used for religious practices.

The phrase, ‘essential oils’ itself however was not coined till sometime in the sixteenth century. Aromatherapy essential oils refer to the oils that are extracted from plant sources and these oils must contain potent, aromatic compounds. Essential oils are very powerful and concentrated; they should not apply to skin in undiluted form. When applied to the skin essential oils are believed to be absorbed into the bloodstream. These essential oils benefit us in many ways both mentally & physically. Common way to do this is by having aromatherapy message.

The some of the major benefits that can be derived from aromatherapy are:

The essential oils that are used in aromatherapy have antiviral or antiseptic properties in them. Because of its antiseptic property it discourages infection. Essential oil like lavender oil is used for minor cuts and burn.

Essential oil like eucalyptus is used to give relief form headache. For easy breathing and relaxation from running nose scented camphor and menthol are used. People use the light scent of lemon grass tea to drink and make way with cold faster. In case of cough and cold benefits of aromatherapy are very well known.

For both physical and mental relaxation we often use aromatherapy. Essential oils through aromatherapy message give a lot of relief and benefits. These oils can be used in diffusers and bath oils. When you use the oils when you bathe then the effects can change drastically.

Aromas are sensed and analyzed in the reticular system of the brain stem. In this system, emotions, memories, and attention are connected. Herein lies one of the powerful benefits of aromatherapy – it can not only help to heal some physical imbalances of the body, but also affect emotions and memory.

Few Cautions:

As said above most essential oils should not be applied directly without diluting them.

Keep all essential oils out of the reach of children.

Mostly essential oils are for external use only. On very rare occasions, a qualified aromatherapist may prescribe essential oils by mouth.

Essential oils are flammable, so use extreme caution around flames and heat sources.

Most doctors recommend not using essential oils when you’re nursing our child. Using these oils at this phase of your life can lead to damaging the fetus.

Like many things essential oils also have some negative sides. Though these oils are very good for health and been used for centuries but there are certain limitations that you must follow. If you want to use aromatherapy do it under the guidelines and consult any aromatherapist.


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