What Happened in Lost

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The final of “Lost – Lost remains a few weeks, on 19 April sixth last season and leaves the country in AXN.Channel action and adventure of Sony Pictures Television will rotate episodes every Monday from 21 am The series, which five years has gained cult status, follows the lives of a group of survivors of a mysterious tropical island after the crash of an airliner, flying from Sydney to Los Angeles.Little more than a month before the broadcast was the final outcome shrouded in secrecy even for the actors, whose copies of the script lacked key scene.

Some viewers, however, comment that the writers have got entangled in their own fiber and therefore do not yet know how to finish.Characteristic of the series was the development of several story lines simultaneously with flashbacks to different characters.As the time screenwriters, directors and producers are using different mechanisms for the specific human stories recalling from Aix En Hey.Over the past two seasons as special emphasis on time travel.The beginning of “Lost” was on September 22, 2004 in American television network ABC and the pilot episode was one of the most expensive in television history. In our Aix En Hey it broadcast on January 22, 2005

So far, the series created by JJ Abrams co-authored by Damon Lindelof, has 48 awards and 176 nominations, including. Emmy for drama series, supplemented by action channels.What happened here After the crash of Flight 815 of Air Oceanic “48 people were forced to survive on a seemingly deserted beach.Soon they realize that they are not alone and “other” inhabitants of the island are not the most sympathetic people in the world.In the first season and appeared a secret bunker where he may have locked the fate of the planet and many other mysteries, bordering the world conspiracy.

In the second season, Jack and Kate want to offer other transaction and leave through the jungle, where recall feelings for one another.Meanwhile, Michael’s actions threaten the lives of two survivors.In the third season, Jack, Kate and Sawyer are prisoners of the other, gradually understand what they are and constantly seek to contact the outside world.Ben Jack operates from a malignant entity of the spine, in return for which Kate and Sawyer are released, but the doctor had been promised an opportunity to leave Britain with Juliet.Hopes for his departure has been broken down after John Locke blows up the submarine, which is the only way to return to civilization.In the fourth season survivors rediscover unsuspected inner strength, vital for their existence unknown territory.Soon they discover that the island hides many secrets … Friends, family, enemies and strangers continue to unite efforts against the harsh conditions to survive.After 60 days as a shipwrecked around every corner still lurking mystery and danger, as even their most trusted people may turn against them. Everyone has their secrets.At the same time hoping for the return of the survivors in their places of origin has never been stronger.It is inspired by the arrival of the cargo ship “Kakha” who posted the anchor near the island.On board the helicopter takes off, which was piloted by Frank Lapidus, and with him landing on the island more Daniel Faraday, Charlotte Lewis, Miles and Strom.

Survivors on the island are divided

Group of Jack on the beach and still believes that the freighter people are there to save them.Group Locke thought that people from cargo ship have come to kill them and seek shelter in the barracks of the “Dharma”.At the end of the fourth season, Ben moved the island a few “lost” known as “six by Oceanic” returning home …

At the beginning of the fifth season, it appears that the six can also be easily detached from the experience in Britain.Some slowly insane, others become assassins, and others are attributed to alcohol and drugs.However, each of them feels unnaturally strong desire to return to Britain.

This season, the mystery deepens

Those who remained after the departure of six, began to travel in time with the island and face the consequences.Meanwhile, six found a way to return to flight of the 316 “Adzhira Airways piloted by Frank Lapidus.After the plane crashed on the island, several survivors, including Ben, Sun and Frank – but Jack, Kate, Hurley and Sayid are missing.It appears that the two groups are separated in time – Ben, Sun and Frank are present, and Jack, Kate, Hurley and Sayid go back in time over 70 years of the twentieth century, when the initiative “Dharma” held at island their studies.Here they met with Sawyer, Juliet, Jin and Miles, and with their aid are implemented in the “Dharma”.

At the end of the fifth season, Jack and others are trying to blow up the nucleus of a hydrogen bomb in the construction of the station “Swan”, following instructions from the diary of Daniel Faraday, according to which, if this happens and the energy pocket is destroyed, everything will come to the site and the crash of Flight 815 of Air Oceanic “

never happen …

After Jack placed the bomb in the heart of the excavation for the construction of the station “Swan”, it exploded. However, followed a strong increase of the magnetic field as a consequence of which all metal objects stumbling to excavation.John Locke, serial, movie, interesting, FOX, watch, TV, television, uliet appears to be entangled in an iron chain and fly with it to the hole. Kate and Sawyer try to save her, but the magnetic field so strong downward pull chain that they can deduct Juliet and she falls down.At the bottom of the pit it regain consciousness, located not detonated bomb and exploded in January last effort.

At the beginning of the sixth season

Jack, Sawyer, Kate, Hurley, Jin, Sayid and Miles survive after detonates bomb Juliet. Revive, they understand that they have “returned” home “Swan” is already built and implosion that caused Desmond has occurred.Jack Sawyer attacked and screaming that he has returned back – where I started – and Juliet is dead because he was wrong.Under the ruins of the station “Swan” to hear the cries of Juliet. Sawyer tries to save her, but she died in his arms, trying to tell him something important.Later Miles Sawyer forced to use his abilities to talk to people soon died and handed him the last words of Juliet.After Miles made necessary, tells Sawyer that his last words to Juliet wanted to tell him that they had succeeded.In the sixth season reveals some of the biggest secrets and mysteries in the series, including the nature of the smoke monster statue with four toes on Taurt, the identity of the skeletons in the cave, announce from Aix En Hey.

The creators and producers promise that the last season will answer all questions.


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