Raspberries or Strawberries?

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The most obvious choice of fruit and vegetables is not always the most healthy, U.S. researchers warn. According to them, replace the carrots with sweet potatoes and oranges papaya definitely has meaning. Raspberries, watercress and kale – which are usually not our first choice in fruit, vegetables are very rich  protection against the disease organism. These compounds contained in plants, protect the heart and arteries, preventing the development of cancer and diabetes, strengthening bones, eyes and brain. According to U.S. scientists is particularly important to expand your beverage horizons. 

They examined the survey results of food habits to find the most popular sources of proteins in the diet of humans. According to the results in 10 of the 14 tested, only one type of food provides more than two thirds of them, no matter how many fruits and vegetables consumed. Although as carrots are rich in beta-carotene – vitamin A pro vitamin, which protects us from the flu, skin protects us and protects us from harmful radiation of computer and television – in sweet potatoes it contained almost double. Does papaya contains 15 times more powerful antioxidant than beta-kriptoksantin than traditional glass of orange juice. 

While spinach is the most preferred source of lutein, strawberries – a oleaginous acid and mustard – the isothiocyanate for each of these antioxidants scientists offer another source, less popular but very rich in them. Kale as three times more lutein than spinach, and raspberries – strawberries from. In cup watercress does it contain isothiocyanate as four teaspoons mustard. Experts still paying attention, that should not be on “super foods”, and a balanced diet with sufficient and all fruits and vegetables. The findings were presented at Experimental Biology Conference in Anaheim, California. 


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