Cher Does Not Want to Retire

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After a farewell tour and spectacular shows in Las Vegas this year one of the biggest pop music in the movie involved with Christina Aguilera “burlesque” and issue a new album.In 2002-2005, Cher made a farewell tour, which marked the 40th anniversary of the scene. Now just weeks before his 64 (20 May), the singer is again ready to go to concerts exports. 

Her intentions were inspired by her new album and soundtrack to her upcoming film – musical Burlesque (burlesque), in which she and pop star Christina Aguilera. Sher intends to present his new single Already Been There in May at the World Music Awards in Monte Carlo, where 10 years ago gave her a Lifetime Achievement Award to the music industry. Among the hits of Cher from the last decade, a duet with Italian star Eros Ramazzotti Più che puoi. Together with Tom Jones, it is among old singers who managed to keep the crest of the wave and today. Her album from 1998 Believe, with the same name hit and no less popular Strong Enough, was followed by an equally successful tour. Concert film of it aired on TV, brought her television Emmy Awards for entertaining broadcast. 

After his farewell concert does not go into retirement and returned to the stage as a contract for 200 performances in Las Vegas. Meanwhile, her daughter from first marriage, who recently turned 41, underwent surgery to change sex and crossed himself Chastiti of Chaz. Her father was Sonny Bono Cher partner in the duo “Sonny and Cher, whose first hit was I Got You Babe 1965 Later they shot family and TV show “comedy hour of Sonny and Cher (video). They were married 13 years and in 90 of Congressman Sonny became the Republican Party, but died in early 1998 when skiing. 

Winner of an Oscar for his participation in somnambulists “in 1987 (see clip of the ceremony), Cher continued with roles in films alongside his musical career. In the Farrell brothers comedy “Stuck on You” (2003) as she appeared alongside Myunits young Frankie, a popular series of “Malcolm.” According to preliminary information “burlesque, which is waiting on screens this fall, she played a former dancer, nightclub owner – and first sang in a movie. 

Some of the most popular songs in her repertoire are Just Like Jesse James and Walking In Memphis, in which disguises itself as a video ringer for Elvis Presley. 


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