Alien Five is Coming

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Veteran Ridley Scott is planning to shoot two background of “Alien” and it in 3D format, reveals himself in his interviews in recent days. 72-year-old director stresses that they will be converted into 3D after capturing them on tape and will be produced in stereoscopic.

His problem now was that 3D films are made in bright light on the set, while the brand of cycles for dark scenes are alien, shot near dusk. The first of the new films will present events that happened 30 years before the “Alien”, the main character is a woman again – but not Ripley. Images will begin after the release of his latest epic, “Robin Hood” in the middle of May. Scott will explain how the viewer’s space ship with aliens has landed on the asteroid, where it encounters the crew of Nostromo. 

I’ve always avoided overtime unless have something completely new, however, states the director. The action will be developed in 2085 and the date of the premiere will be at the end of 2011 or probably in 2012, Scott stated before MTV. He even promised to contact the original designer H. R. Giger stranger ( to create new alien species. With work on the first film Swiss surrealist artist has won the Oscar for visual effects. “Alien” in 1979 became a cult film in fantastic horror and launched Sigourney Weaver in the role of Leite. Ellen Ripley. The following parts were filmed by directors like James Cameron (”Terminator”), David Fincher (”Seven”) And Jean-Pierre Zhyone (”Amelie”). 

In recent years, followed them “Alien vs. Predator, which was also filmed video game. He met two aliens on Earth monsters are a total of six characters in horror fiction – and also had a sequel. Meanwhile, Ridley Scott is planning a comedy with the name “Monopoly” based on the popular board game. However, the film version will be centered around the game, but instead will be “a comedy about greed,” added BGNES. “Initially it was difficult as it is wondering how to integrate the game. Whether I had to show people who run the board with big houses, funny top hats and other such things? Subsequently, it appeared that just want a movie with that name, and this makes things much easier, “Scott said after talks with the production company of the game” Hasbro “.


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