How to Drive The World to Your Articles More Views on Bukisa

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If you are a writer in Bukisa sure your target is to get more views for your article and if you are not you can join Bukisa now and start earning, first I want to say that I tried many other sites like Bukisa and I can say Bukisa is the best site I have used it is easy to use clear and simple in many other sites I felt like what is this?, How I can do this? And many other questions and there is no one to answer your questions but you had to continue trying until you figure it out.

Target marketing:-

Like I said to earn money in Bukisa you have to get more views for your content and from my experiences in using Bukisa publishing good content not enough you have to work to get this content reach to the users in other word marketing your content and not all you do is just submit it in social networks and forums but you need target marketing like you write about what readers want to read this thing you will learn from writing different  types of articles and learn which type of articles gets more views then focus on this type of article, Like in Bukisa what I learned most the readers is a writers read articles for other writers, for example readers in Bukisa may don’t care about read article about “How To: Stop a Program From Checking Updatesbut will read article about “ How To :” Write a good article “
So learn what readers want to read and write about it .


The title is the important part of the article because the reader reads the title then decides to read the article or not
so you need to choose a good title but never deceive in the title this will make the reader dislike you and may decide to don’t read any more articles for you.

How to drive traffic to your article:-

I will not tell you that driving traffic is so easy and it is a piece of cake, it is not hard but  just needs little work from you and then  you will get more views

First: When you write a new article submit it to sites like Digg and Stumbleupn to drive traffic to your article, Social networks can be the most powerful traffic driver to your article but the bad thing in this that not everyone on facebook have friends like his interesting like I said I may share something about “How To: Secure Delete Your Data “ but I don’t get good traffic from that because- for example- most of my friends on facebook  likes games – BTW : if you like technology and computer sciences feel free to add me on Facebook

Second: YouTube can get you a lots of views, yes YouTube have many many many visitors every day and can drive for you a lot of traffic for your article like when you write an article about “How to Change Partition Icon “  you can make a tutorial  video and in the description put link to your article For me I don’t write read more I write “GUIDE:” then the article url it is better than read more and for better result but a mask for the url and for the best of best use sites that pay for you per click on the link so you get paid for the readers click on the link and for reading your article awesome right?, and there is many sites offer this services but the best one that I like called it is easy to use trusted no spam so sign up now

And the best site I ever used that brings for me a lots of readers I like this site because it is easily to your article to be on the first page so that it will drive traffic for your article so I highly recommended you to use it share you articles on it and also you will get paid.

So Enjoy Marketing your article and feel free to comment rate or add me as a friend on Bukisa  


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