19 Solid Tips to Make More Money as an Affiliate!

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What every affiliate wants more…and more is money! Here are some solid tips to help you make more money!!

1.    Increase conversion rates with keyword targeted pages.

2.    Choose a keyword that is converting best for you.

3.    Run a test for a targeted campaign using keywords.

4.    Explore new concepts to improve your conversions.

5.    Test to make sure that the new concept converts well.

6.    With many sales in a day negotiate a higher commission structure.

7.    Base your income on a blend of traffic, conversion and refund.

8.    As an affiliate, work with other affiliates for better income.

9.    Have a team of other affiliates to help you make money.

10.                        With some new tools and tips, increase your earnings.

11.                       Get traffic to the page for the sales to start rolling in.

12.                       Produce new kinds of pages, tools and new products.

13.                       Promote the best affiliate program and best product.

14.                        Pick and choose sales pages.

15.                       Pick design, colors, and text of the sales page so that your pages will be different.  

16.                       Increase your CTR and Page rank at Google.

17.                       Follow the concept of bonuses and giveaways.

18.                       People respond to freebies quickly.

19.                       Utilize tracking tools and new ideas to find the best products and services on the net.


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