Three Things You Must Not Do If You Want To Win Back Your Ex

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When you have just split from your ex, it can be a trying time. You need to think about your actions during this time. What you do straight after a split can make the difference between the possibility of getting back together again or blowing any chance of a reconciliation right out of the water. If you really want a chance of getting back with your ex then there are certain things that you must not do no matter what happens.

1.  Under no circumstances should you call them up. If you keep pestering your ex with phone calls all the time you are more likely to push her further away than get her close to you again. This is definitely something that you do not want to do.

The last thing that your ex wants after a split is to be bombarded with your phone calls. It does not matter who instigated the break up or what the reason was. The important thing to do is to give her time to reflect on things and when she does think about you, it should be about the good times that you had and not the constant phone calls that you keep making.

2.  Avoid being possessive around her. The last thing that your ex needs is for you to appear when she is with other people and act as though she is your possession. You will definitely scare her away if you come across as needy and clingy towards her. By acting as if you need her attention all the time, you are just digging a great big hole for yourself.

Try to play it cool and nonchalant whenever you see her. If you can be laid back around her and take things in stride then she may think that you are more mature about the break up than she gave you credit for. Do not let your feelings get the better of you and she may think that maybe breaking up was not a good idea after all.

3.  Above all else, never ever beg your ex to come back to you. It may seem the only way to make her aware of how you feel but this is a definite nonstarter! Begging will make you seem childish and immature and your ex will definitely not want to see this. If you can stand up tall and look as though you have accepted your break up like a man, this may make your ex more attracted to you as it shows a lot more maturity.

These are just three things that you must avoid at all times if you really plan to win your ex back.


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