Save Your Environment: Time To Try Earth Friendly Rings

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Every girl wishes to get a diamond ring from fiancé on engagement. They think it’s a status symbol to get a diamond ring. In the last century diamond rings were given on weddings but now trends have changed. Diamond ring is now just an engagement ring. It lacks importance on wedding day now. Girls prefer diamond as they are unaware of its negative effects. They also think that that no other stone can replace diamond for their classy hands. Girls lack knowledge that more eco friendly rings are now available in the markets.

The mining process of diamond is really a tough one, and the laborers are not paid according to the work they perform. Moreover a lot of waste is created during the mining process. All these factors make diamond an unfriendly eco constituent.

When you go to buy a ring keep in mind which country it’s stone or metal belongs to. Is it from a country which follows environmental friendly regulations? It should be from a country that follows fair means of trade.

Canada follows the environmental friendly practices. Canadians don’t waste the effort of people who work hard; the workers are paid honestly. Still it is not sure that your ring is totally environmental friendly. Ask for the methods the metal went through when this lot of ring was prepared. If at any stage you find a bit of recycling than make it clear to yourself that you don’t need further inquiries; certainly your ring is environmental friendly if it was recycled.

Different websites and trade in shops are now offering second hand rings. They are good substitute for the diamond lovers. They full fill the need of diamond lovers in a less expense. Don’t worry they have same quality and beauty. They cost you less because they are second hand rings. But if you are wise you would go for these rings. Of course you can resize them to make it fit in your finger.

It’s not necessary to make diamond your prestige point on occasions. You can go for stone rings or even fake diamonds. Try an ‘Aquamarine’; it is free from all mining linked problems so is surely an environmental l friendly imitated diamond. Aquamarine rings look equally beautiful in your hands. It’s true to say that if diamonds are for engagements than aquamarines are perfect for wedding. If you are wise try An Aquamarine on your engagement even!


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