Aruba Honeymoon – Review Of The Renaissance Aruba Beach Resort.

After just returning from the Renaissance Aruba Beach resort with my wife we decided that we must tell everybody how fantastic this place really is. The staff just could not do enough for us and were always happy to help with any concerns or questions we had. The cleaning staff was exceptional and our room was always spotlessly clean. The bed was a delight as it was so comfortable.

The bar and of course the pool were great and we always enjoyed ourselves at both of these places. But the crème de la crème was definitely Renaissance Island.  The beach was absolutely incredible with its fine white sand and we just had to go snorkeling around the break wall to see the ample coral out there. There was plenty of wildlife to see such as the Iguanas, Pink flamingoes, Parrot fish and much more besides.

The people that we met in Aruba were so nice and polite. I would definitely recommend that you hire a car whilst there and go and explore the island and everything that it has to offer you. You just have to go and visit the beautiful Alta Vista church it is absolutely magnificent.

Our week long stay allowed us to try out quite a few of the restaurants. Our personal favorite just had o be the Rumba bar and Grille. But do not be fooled by the name, it is not your run of the mill bar and Grille. The menu was far better than that as was the actual food, and the drinks and service was second to none. We visited this restaurant on a couple of occasions. It was in easy access as it was situated just behind the Renaissance marine tower. They have a really nice Brazilian drink called the Caipirinha. If you are looking for somewhere that is cheaper and good for the money then you need to check out Iguana Joes. This is also easy to get to as it is only a block away from the hotel. The staff there was very friendly and the drinks prices are very reasonable. This was probably the best value for money place on the island. The soft drinks were only $2 with free refills which when you consider that all the other places charged for refills then this was brilliant. These soft drinks were a breath of fresh air after swimming all day in the 90 degree heat and in salt water too.

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