How To Fix Runtime Errors On Your Computer!

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More and more people are using computers nowadays and when something goes wrong with them it leaves a lot of people not knowing what to do. Man people will call out a qualified technician straight away without even contemplating sorting the problem out for themselves. One of these problems that come up quite regularly is the runtime errors such as runtime error 94 invalid use! Problem like this are usually quite easy to fix yourself and this article will explain in a little more detail just how to do that.

Most if not all of the runtime errors come because something is wrong with the registry of your computer. Now I am no going to go all technical on you with this but the registry basically deals with all the activity that occurs on your computer. To put it another way if you upload anything or download anything onto your computer the registry will record the details of this action. The same applies to any upgrades you make on your computer or and files or folders or even programs that you delete from your computer.

The registry is the tool that sorts out how and where your hardware and software are situated on your computer and links all of the paths together in order for your computer to work effectively. If something has gone wrong withy an installation or removal from your computer then this could in effect corrupt the registry by breaking one of these links. When this happens the computer cannot find the correct path and therefore cannot open the program that you are seeking properly. This will then prompt the computer to respond with a runtime error message which basically means that it has lost something and is unable to carry on with the command you asked for. But when all is said and done it is not in anybody’s interest for you to go rummaging about in your computers registry if you do not know what you are doing. By doing this you could inadvertently do some permanent damage to your computer.

That does not mean however that it cannot be fixe by you even if you are not computer savvy. There are lots of special tools that you can find that will do this job quickly and cleanly for you without damaging your computer in the process. These tools are known as registry cleaners and they can effectively scan your computer to find the problem and then quickly rectify it so your computer is back up and running again perfectly. By doing a quick search of the internet you can find many great registry fixers to choose from and download straight onto your computer. These tools will keep your registry in top condition so that your computer works fine all the time. If ever your computer comes up with a runtime error problem then just run the registry cleaner to fix the problem each time.


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