The Man Who Saved The World

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Deutsche Welle tells about the heroic deeds of Russian officer who, mere common sense, saves the world from a Third World War.In September 1983 Stanislav Petrov experiencing shock.

Only through common sense it takes the right decision, breaking all the commandments, says Deutsche Welle feat for the Russian military.Bishop Petrov saved the world from a Third World War.“Heaven is full of surprises,” says today with a smile 70-year-old reserve officer Stanislav Petrov.27 years ago he personally convinced that saving the world from a Third World War. 1983. Cold War was in its peak.Hangs over the world nuclear threat is very tangible. The Soviet Union has more than 400 rockets of the type SS 20. Called them “dread of Europe.”

At that time, two-thirds of Soviet missiles ready to attack, aimed at Western Europe to targets such as London, Paris and Bonn. Each missile has a nuclear force of the blast, which is 50 times greater than that of the cast than in 1945 Nagasaki atomic bomb.When the sirens start to howl …Western Europe reacted to the Soviet threat, the deployment of Pershing missiles in its territory II. Washington managed President Ronald Reagan, who called the Soviet “evil empire”.The political atmosphere is highly incandescent. Moscow expected any moment an attack by the U.S.. Soviet leader Yuri Andropov was convinced that Washington is planning a nuclear attack.On the evening of September 25, 1983 Col. Stanislav Petrov left home and headed to work. Yet his night shift. Nobody in the family of the officer does not know what exactly it works.

In tonight Stanislav Petrov was operating a command post duty at Serpukhov-15, located about 90 km south of Moscow. The place is Top Secret and is not marked on any map designed for public use.Here is the headquarters of the Soviet space early warning system for the rocket attack, called “Eye”. Indeed, Stanislav Petrov was an engineer by training. Bishop was then.So decades later, he says, not without pride: “The world should be happy that that night I took over command and not some musty military.”Not knowing how he would do such a war, which is accustomed to act, following strict rules without thinking. Stanislav Petrov goes even further – he relies on intuition.

Used at the time of the Soviet space early warning system is able to announce the imminent nuclear strike targets 10 minutes before conventional radar, but can not prevent it.Stanislav Petrov is absolutely aware of the system, as he himself has developed computer programs and instructions for using it. Shortly before midnight, sirens began to howl. On the computer screen appears Stanislav Petrov sign with red letters: Start.This means that the system has detected launch a nuclear missile from a U.S. military base.Spy-ware satellite Cosmos 1382 reported the beginning of the apocalypse. Until the invasion of Russia remains only 25 minutes.200 people in the command center Serpukhov stare their eyes  in the commanding officer Stanislav Petrov.At that time, nuclear attack by the U.S. is considered quite likely. Shortly before that Russian spying has told a large NATO maneuvers.Only three weeks ago that the Russians have lost South Korean Boeing 7471, invaded “by mistake” in Soviet airspace.

Prevent nuclear apocalypse

“My legs were softer like cotton,” recalled the retired colonel today on a terrible night. However, it remains calm and sanity. Of his subordinates he make the command: “Sit down in your seats and go to work”.At that moment his mind is not made to millions of potential victims of the upcoming nuclear conflict, nor to his family. It addresses only one: “No one starts an attack, launching a single nuclear missile.On the contrary! This is done with hundreds of missiles simultaneously, “says his Stanislav Petrov. Then call the boss and says with a confident voice:” This is a false alarm.

Only closed phone, the sirens began to howl again. The system detects the start of the second nuclear missile from the U.S., then three more … The Soviet officer, however, doubt what the screen shows before it.The subsequent investigation found that Stanislav Petrov was right: the reason for the false alarm was in that sensors are triggered as a result of sunlight reflect in the clouds.

But the officer was punished because it fulfilled its obligations issued and the due order in such cases. But exactly what saved mankind from nuclear apocalypse.Because of military secrecy and political considerations action Colonel Petrov became known to the public until 1998 Only in 2006 the UN headquarters Stanislav Petrov received a special prize of the international organization “Association of citizens of the world.”


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