It is Launched The Largest Study of Gsm Damages Over People

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In five European countries was launched yesterday, the largest ever scientific study on the relationship between use of mobile phones and health problems such as cancer or neurological diseases.In its framework will be monitored over 250 thousand people aged between 18 and 65 in Britain, Finland, Netherlands, Sweden and Denmark.

So far such studies have been made, however, most of which are still about 10 years, says Professor Paul Elliott from London’s Imperial College, who leads the study.As many different types of cancer develop long term, however, and mobile phones are a relatively new phenomenon, more time is needed to clarify the relationship between them.

Organizers of the current study have set limits of 10, 20 and even 30 years.One of the most important target groups are children and teenagers who are “equipped with GSM mass and very small. British authorities have warned that children under 12 years should not use them because they seriously harm their health.

According to experts, is recommended even in later age teenagers sending text messages instead of talking – at least until there is explicit evidence that children are more sensitive to radiation than adults.In children, the immune system is still not very developed at that age and they react more strongly to certain factors, such as ultraviolet light.Youngsters are more sensitive to pollution, which increases the risk of many diseases, specialists warn.


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