Make Money With Clickbank

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Clickbank is undoubtedly one of the biggest digital marketplace online. It is a place where merchants list their services or products which are promoted by affiliates. Thus the success of merchant also relies on the success of the affiliate. Thus in these days more and more merchants are providing lot of extra items like flash banners , articles , ready-made ads , etc for the affiliates .This even make the job of an affiliate easy and no doubt many people have made some serious amount of money through clickbank’s affiliate program.

Before making money from clickbank you should know some basics of it –

1> Clickbank is an affiliate network that acts as a middleman between the merchants and their affiliates . Merchant services are listed in clickbank’s marketplace and it is from this marketplace you have to choose the product you want to promote.The basic reason for more and more people joining clickbank is because of high commsions. Clickbank affiliates get atleast 40% , some even get upto 80% for referring a sale and this is huge . So earning a few hundred dollars in clickbank is not that tough.

2>Once you decided on the product you want to endorse , simply click on the “promote” button and you will be given a special code which would help clickbank to track your performance.

3> Clickbank is fully responsible for tracking your sales , income and performance . So you need not need to worry for payments as clickbank is the one most secure affiliate network and they always gives you credit for your efforts and sales.

4> Once you got the code paste it onto places where you think people will click on it. The most preferred way to promote affiliate links is through an website but if don’t have a website then no need to worry , you still have a chance to make money. The best way to promote links without a website is through article marketing and making a blog dedicated to your affiliate business. By creating a blog you can provide a honest review of the product you are promoting this will give customers an audience to buy that product and when they do it you will also get your share. You can also use forums , classified ads , facebook to promote your affiliate links.

4> Once you get a sale then you would get the commission you deserve, but clickbank will hold your earnings until and unless you reach $100 . This is quite a amount of money but you can easily get there as the percentage of commission in clickbank is very high and on reaching $100 you will be sent a check.

So , if you are a budding affiliate marketer clickbank is the perfect place for you to start. Have determination to succeed and one day you will succeed . So work hard and good luck ! 


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