Day Off For Your Diet

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The off days are not only needed to maintain weight but also for cleansing the body. Landing day did not mean that it must be hungry – there are many products that can be used in those days.

Landings are not recommended for day to make more often than once a week. That day should drink more fluids (at least 2 liters) – clean drinking water or green tea. That day must not planning any serious work that requires the investment of effort. 

Landed days are contraindicated during pregnancy and lactation, during illness and general body fatigue in diabetes and chronic diseases of the kidneys and liver. 

What may be unloaded days :

With protein 

Permitted the use of lean meat and fish products, cooked or cooked by steaming. Protein may be from a vegetable – such as beans. To the meat you can add tomato, cucumber or cabbage without spices and sauces. In this day will not land hunger – nutrition can become every 4-5 hours. 

In curd 

For this day to be stocks with cottage cheese (but no more than 600 g), milk and cream (100 g). Curds mixed with cream and is divided into 5 equal parts to be taken during the day with milk. Drink mineral water. This type of landing day strengthens bones and nails. 

With carrots 

Grate a fresh carrot, mix it with honey, lemon juice half and mix it. Eat this salad for breakfast, lunch and dinner. This day should land be made no more frequently than once a month. 

With apples 

3 times a day you can eat 1.5 kg of apples. You may drink liquids as you like. 

With bananas 

Distribute 1 kg bananas for 3 meals. 

With salad 

This day is land suitable for those who like variety. You can prepare any fruit salad and vegetables, but their total should not exceed 1.5 kg. Season them with only vegetable oil and lemon juice. This diet protects against atherosclerosis, gout, chronic arthritis, arthritis and diseases of the kidneys. 

With fries 

5 times a day you can eat 300 grams of roasted potatoes, seasoned with vegetable oil. Unlikely to experience hunger, and will prevent heart and kidney disease. 

In cucumber 

Buy a 1.5 kg cucumbers and 5 eggs. During each meal, take in 300 g of cucumber and an egg. 

With watermelon 

This is one of the finest landing days. Buy a watermelon (weighing 4-5 kg) and then eat throughout the day. This day is the land useful for kidney and liver. 


1,5-2 l Boil your vegetable soup. Particularly useful is the cabbage. Eat soup without bread. It will strengthen and you feel hunger. 

With yogurt 

This is one of the harshest landing days. In it you can have 1,5-2 l yogurt  and water – as you like.

With starvation 

That day is not for everyone – 24 hours no food, only water and it very much. It is suitable for people with perfectly healthy body. And yet – first consult your doctor. 

Days after landing 

Eat wisely – do not load his stomach with a heavy meal, especially during dinner. 


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