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Electronic Arts has announced a new production as part of The Sims brand. According to majowymi rumors, it turned out to be The Sims Middle Ages, in which Sims venturing into the past, during the Middle Ages to lead idyllic lives and actively participate in the construction of a powerful kingdom. The production, developed by The Sims Studio will be released in spring 2011 release for the PC and Mac.

Unlike the standard edition of The Sims, where the action takes place in modern times, fun in The Sims Middle Ages will be spinning around the development of a medieval kingdom. It is worth noting, however, that the direction of development will largely depend on how embodied in the figure. The whole will be a combination of simulation, strategy and role-playing.

The world of The Sims Middle Ages will be inhabited by many different characters, practitioners of different professions. In addition to the king and queen come across thus including the knights, wizard, blacksmith, and Bard. Taking control of all of them get access to a separate set of quests. In pursuing these players will not only develop the story, but also shape the entire universe. Among the tasks will be many classical history, associated by all lovers of medieval or fantastic climates (such as forge a legendary sword, and arrangement of the royal wedding, to protect the kingdom from the evil sorcerer, to find the fountain of youth).

The game also will decide how we will build the power of the kingdom – that’ll do it on the ground regularly reinforced ties between the people, or attempt to conquer the lands belonging to the neighbors. Nothing also precludes the player to focus entirely on yourself, just do not care about her subjects. On the other hand, taking control of the ruler as well will be able to be law-abiding and righteous man, and enjoys a great reputation among residents niewymuszonym kingdom.

The Middle Ages In The Sims will focus on the immersion, which has a high level to be achieved primarily by placing in the hands of the player mechanisms to influence the world around him, and the appearance of all new postaci appearing in the game world. In the latter case, the buyer will be able to adjust the nature of the hero, and determine its terms of reference. And not just about the implementation of epic quests, but also daily activities (trade, childcare, chivalrous tournament, attention to health), reminiscent of what Sims did in the classic versions of The Sims.

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