Are Men Stronger Than Women?

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Men are more susceptible 

By reason scientists indicate Y – chromosome, namely the lack of a second X-chromosome, which exists in women. X chromosome contains genes that protect against many infections.Women have two such chromosomes, therefore protection is twofold. In the biological sense, women are more sophisticated – they are easier to bear hunger, fatigue and stress. They are also higher vital capacity, but their muscles are weaker. 

The process of the production of blood in men is less effective than women and therefore surgical interventions for them are generally much more dangerous. Furthermore, men need more oxygen as they breathe less frequently but more deeply. And this is also a risk factor: if the air is polluted in the lungs fall more harmful substances. 

Contrary to belief, men are less resilient 

Compared to women men have less fat and more muscle mass, respectively. Through this relationship, they more easily lose weight and if weight loss diet, it’s easier to be successful. 

As a result, however, men have no such reservations, which accumulate in women due to fat. 

For example, male marathoners comes a time when they completely choked – suddenly emerged agonizing pain and fatigue because of running out of glycogen reserves in the form of carbohydrates that accumulate in the muscles. Man some time is able to continue running, but its speed decreases. 

The woman in this situation runs longer – her body begins to use fat reserves. Thanks to female sex hormones muscles of women are able to use fat more quickly than the muscles of men. 

The male brain is designed in another way 

Men and women think differently, because brain development play a major role sex hormones.In the boys earlier formed the right hemisphere in girls – left. That is why very early age boys read and write worse than their mates. 

Throughout the further life right hemisphere in men often continue to work better. Therefore, it is typical for men to better orientation in space. 

If a man uses the right hemisphere of the brain for orientation in space, and the left – the speech, the female brain hemispheres have such specialization: they work together for two things. 

This provides two advantages for women. First, they are shrewd and second – less vulnerable to accidents. If the left hemisphere of the man was struck by a stroke (it is known that men twice as often threatened by this disease), it will be difficult to regain rapid speech. Women recover much better – right hemisphere is occupied with the regulation of speech functions. 

Men are more amorous 

Evolution has put in men tend to like beautiful women. But they also are more likely to detect women who have succeeded in anything in life. Women’s confidence in their own forces attract men no less than beauty. 

The results of other studies devoted to male preference, show that men prefer to date women with nice appearance with women who are confident, and finally – with the best interlocutors. 

Men are excited and the natural odors of the female body. Most seductive aromas of them come from the hair. A poll conducted with the participation of 40 thousand men shows that they do not like Hairy legs do not mind the smell of blood during menstruation and much like the smell of vagina. 

Men more often think about sex. It has been shown that the average man aged 35-40 years think about sex 6 times within one hour. But rarely have men aged 55 years to think about sex more than once within that one hour. 

Despite popular opinion, men fall in love more often than women. The results of surveys show that 1 / 4 of men (and only 15% of women) fall in love before the fourth meeting seriously. 50% of women admit that even after 20 meeting with the person you are stopped, they are not lovers.

Male does not need much time to see if a woman likes – for this purpose scientists estimated it needs only 7 seconds. Therefore man can literally fall in love at first sight. 

Men are more emotional and fragile 

Where separation men really feel miserable. They experience severe depression and unbearable loneliness. According to statistics, suicide as a result of an unhappy love men are 3 times more than women. 

Cheating men and women experience differently. Men seeking a new relationship not because they lack sex but because of its strong attraction to new and unknown. Therefore, they often start relationships with women who feel less attractive and exciting in comparison with their wives. These may be comforted by the fact that most men do not perceive a serious affair – for them it is just an adventure. 

Gender and jealous differently. The woman is afraid that will be displaced by another. In male jealousy there is more proprietary instinct and sexual component. The man accepts the woman’s adultery more seriously and therefore his actions in such cases are more decisive and final. He less forgiving infidelity. 


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