Tips on Using Online Codes at MySpace

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MySpace is a widely popular social networking website. There is so many ways to use this website, and you can easily spend a lot of time on it, without realizing just how much has gone by!

While you seem to hear about MySpace all the time, perhaps there still may be a few terms that you are unfamiliar with. One great tool to use on MySpace is their “Online Codes,” that let you know when and if your favorite friends and family are logged on at MySpace. If the online code is usually “blinking,” or seems to appear to be “lit up,” it means that your friend is online. It is a very convenient code to have on MySpace

The online codes are probably one of the simplest tools available and easy to use. While an online code will let you know if somebody is online, it also can have other “hidden meanings,” as well. Some of those online codes also state emotions such as “angry,” “loveable,” or even an activity such as “reading,” or “watching a movie.” Not only is the online codes there to tell you about availability-it also gives you a “status,” to represent yourself on the MySpace website.

Changing the status of your online code at MySpace is not difficult. It only requires a simple change of the HTML code found in the “ABOUT ME” section of your MySpace profile. To do this, simply find the MySpace code that you are searching for, and then copy the code to your clipboard by pushing “control C,” or sometimes there is already a button that you can simply click that says, “copy.”

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