How to Constuct an Automatic Dog Feeder

Things You’ll Need

Hand, circular or jig saw

2 1-by-2-inch boards, 8 feet long



Wood glue

8-by-4-foot luau

Step 1

Cut the 1-by-2-inch boards into sections. Cut two 12-inch, two 24-inch, four 8-inch and xxx 6-inch boards.

Step 2

Cut a 45-degree angle on both ends of the 6-inch boards. These will be nailed to the box to create an angle for the food to slide down.

Step 3

Assemble the 12-inch, 24-inch and 8-inch boards into a box. Nail and glue them together. The 12 inch, and 24 inch boards should be in the corner, not the 8 inch boards. The 12-inch boards will later be covered with luau.

Step 4

Attach the 6-inch boards to the front of the back two 8-inch boards. The back side is the side that has the two 24 inch boards on the corners. The angle should allow the 6-inch board to sit flush on the front of the 8-inch board. This would be the side that is on the inside of the box. Use nail and glue to secure them 2 inches away from the corner 24 inch boards.

Step 5

Attach two of the remaining 8-inch 1-by-2 inch boards to the sides of the 6-inch 1-by-2 inch boards and against the 24-inch board.

Step 6

Attach the last 8-inch 1-by-2-inch board to the front of the two 8-inch boards you attached in step 8. You should have a rectangular box frame with an opening in the bottom.

Step 7

Trace the shape of the box onto a sheet of luau. You should have three sheets of luau measuring 24 by 8 inches and one measuring 12 by 8 inches. Draw 1-by-8-inch and 8-by-6-inch rectangles. Make a 10-by-10-inch square to cover the bottom of the box.

Step 8

Attach the 8-by-6 inch piece of luau to the two 1-by-2’s that have the 45-degree angle inside. Nail this in place. You need to slide the piece above the 8-inch board in the back. This will provide a sliding place for the food. If you do not go over that back board, food will accumulate behind that piece of luau.

Step 9

Nail the remaining pieces of luau around the box.

Step 10

Pour food into the top of the box. It should slide down the board and into the “bowl” at the bottom.

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