Installing a Post in a Hole

Things You’ll Need

Spray paint

Post hole digger




Wheel barrel

Garden hoe

Step 1

Mark the spots where you want the post to go, with spray paint.

Step 2

Dig out all the holes that you have marked with a post hole digger.

Step 3

Dig out all the loose dirt with a shovel. The post hole digger will dig a hole but will leave some dirt behind.

Step 4

Mix up the concrete in a wheel barrel, with a garden hoe.

Step 5

Set the post in the hole. Use a level to ensure that the post is straight and level.

Step 6

Pour concrete around the post in the hole.

Step 7

Check the post and make sure it is still level. Fill the hole the rest of the way.

Step 8

Let the concrete sit for a day before continuing with the rest of your project.  

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