How to Construct a Planter Box Caddy

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Things You’ll Need

Measuring Tape

Safety Glasses


Carpenters Pencil

2- 1x1x8 Lumber


12 1″ Wood Screws

1/2″ Scrap block

4 Rubber swivel Wheels

Step 1

Cut all your boards to exactly 13″ pieces. Place them down in front of you.

Step 2

Connect four pieces of wood at the corners to create a square. Two pieces on top and two on bottom. Use one wood screw at each corner. Also make sure that each corner is a square. Make sure to insert the screws on the same side on all four corners. This will be the top of the caddy.

Step 3

Attach the remaining boards to the top of the caddy. Use the 1/2″ scrap block as a guide to keep each board 1/2″ away from the next. Turn the caddy upside down.

Step 4

Open the package of wheels and read the instillation instructions. Install a wheel on each of the four corners.

Step 5

Paint the caddy if needed. Set the caddy in place before you fill the planter with soil and plants. Make sure to place the caddy centered under the planter to prevent from tipping.


Adjustments can be made to this caddy to fit the exact size planter that you have.


Wear safety glasses when operating power equipment

Purchase larger wheels for larger planter boxes

Adjust the size of the caddy to 3″ larger than the base of the planter if the planter is larger than 2′


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