Tips to Stay Focused in Your Home Business – Part II

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1.     To deal with large assignments effectively, break it down into smaller components. It will be easy to concentrate and execute.

2.     Once you’ve broken down major assignments into smaller ones, make and keep a ‘to do’ list for easy execution.

3.     Note down all new ideas as they come to your mind.

4.     Arrange your time in such a way that every evening, decide on works on your ‘to do’ list that you wish to accomplish the next day.

5.      Stay focused on these and only move on to the next work on your list once these have been completed.

6.     Setting goals for home business is very important.

7.     There is nothing that will keep you more focused than setting goals and writing down your goals.

8.     Visualize exactly where you want to be in a month’s time from now.

9.     Have a business name registered and set up a fully functional office.

10.  Decide on the number of clients or team members you may require.

11.  Aim the amount of income you want to make over a period of time.

12. Be assertive and allot more time for your home business.

13. Finish your office work soon once in a while and come home earlier a couple of days a week to pay more attention to your home business.

14.                        Try to cut back on the amount of housework that you do.

15.                        Watch less TV and utilize that extra time in your home business.


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