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I first got into article writing because I wanted to express my opinions and ideas to the world. It doesn’t pay a lot per click, ($3.95 US per thousand clicks), but I thought it was a fun hobby, and a way to slowly build up a residual income. What I now realize, is that it can be free online advertising, that is used by just about every website in the world, to build up the link weight flowing into their websites, and increase their traffic, and Google rating.

Many article writing sites do not like articles that are written specifically for a commercial purpose, but Bukisa will allow you to publish anything you want, about your business, or site, as long as it is over two hundred words. They do this because they can post advertising on each page, which earns them money for clicks and impressions. They share this advertising revenue with you, and prolific writers can build a quite impressive residual income, that will continue indefinitely, for as long as the articles remain online.

You may be interested in the two level referral program. Bukisa pays a generous percentage commission on the earnings of your referrals, and their referrals, so if you set up a good Facebook page, or advertise your unique referral link to join Bukisa in your articles, you will likely get referrals who increase your residual income passively, with the articles that they write, and that their referrals write. I assume that you are more interested in free advertising for your website, or business, and if so, you have it right here.

It is totally free to join Bukisa, and it only takes a few minutes to fill out the form, and set up a Pay Pal account, so you can get paid for the articles you write. If you are looking for endless free advertising for your business or website, or if you just want to share your knowledge, and get paid for it, you can’t go past Bukisa. Join now.

For help with improving the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) of your articles, such as tips on keyword usage, title choice, sites to link to your articles from, link weight, link text etc, check out my Facebook page: Writing for Profit. Good luck with advertising your business or website for free, by writing complimentary articles on Bukisa.

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