Relationships The Sacred Barometers of Desired Consecrated Evolution

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MODE of Cosmic Therapy: Investing Ourselves in Specifically Chosen Self-Projected Mates

Relationships come in all shapes and sizes, just like people. No one relationship is ever the same, nor can it be compared to or competed with/for. According to some of the latest psychological scientific research, there are more than 5000 characteristics in ones personality. I dare say, there are more than 100,000 times that many unique characteristics in a relationship. I am not merely referring to romantic involvements, though they are inestimably important. I am talking about every kind of relationship known to mankind. Our intricate complex relationships define us! They mold, shift, alter, arrange, blend, extricate, cajole, and elicit the best and worst we are. If and when we concentrate our distorted perceptions on what we’re getting from the relationship instead of simply ‘showing up for the gig’, we miss a vitally important aspect of the relationship: to see ourselves more clearly.

It’s easy to get ‘hung up’ on the blinding effect of erratic dancing blurred shadows in the external forces operating in our different (multi-faceted) relationships. We can, however, {should we be so vested enough] to add sufficient interest, inclination, effort, involvement and committed attention in proportions necessary to solicit hidden motives in ourselves, reap the astounding benefits of self-disclosure. By becoming more acutely aware of the whole (perplexing spidery webbed) picture, we are rendered in a much better receptive state of mind. This sponge-like mindset preambles an initial discovery phase in which much of our inner motivations can be revealed. Just as important to realize and accept is the fact that the incurred relationship that exists is always between the known and the unknown (cosmic).

We, as human beings, often forget and indulge propitiously in the involvement IF the winds seem to effortlessly sailing our vessel. However, when work is demanded for further cruising, we tend to shrink from placing the oars of identifiable discontent in our hands. We want to take credit for the obvious ‘relished enjoyment’ of interplaying forces being presented but shirk from the responsibility when pivotal blame enters the race. Remember: “the race is not for the swift nor battle for the strong, but time and chance happen to all mankind.” We must train ourselves to ‘see through’ simmering appearances and alluring falsities of self-enrichment. That being said, one’s interpretation of any intimate involvement is, no doubt, faulty. We see through distorted eyes of flattering self-aggrandizement.

Things are never what they seem to be and most often times are in fact reverse in compilation of episodes. What does that mean? Whatever is being presented is in direct opposition from what we are actually observing. We must not let our eyes betray us. IF, in fact, we choose to follow the hypnotic sensations of dramatic interlude, that, we alone, project, we will be sorely disappointed after a time and season of mal-aligned twisted fault finding blame. To be ever present in whatever type of circumstance, situation and sullied environmental involvements presently taking place in our life requires of us to ‘stay the duration’! Yes, ‘tis true, a devoted task to say the least and a lifetime endeavor to say the most. But, it’s more than worth the effort.

Wouldn’t you love to know why you attract the people you do? You can learn these crucially significant hidden secrets. But, they will not be reveled instantaneously without dedicated effort to the relationships. (Whether the involvements be with lovers, family, friends, business partners, or casual acquaintances). The integrating purpose of life besides and including evolvement is to get to the point where one is able to be in the moment actualizing its fullest potential, not moved or swayed by outer circumstances. Does that mean we don’t ‘feel’ the attachment? Of course not. As long as we inhabit the earth plane, we are satiated with emotion. But, learning (remembering) not to take the emotional connection as personally directed to cause you harm or bliss is the key element in discovering the true fulfilled joy of ones own being. In other words, the relationships are generated, governed, mitigated and developed from the essence of your divine nature.

We are to be firmly fixed, like a “tree planted by the water” in quiet resolve. We are steadily moving in a direction of self-containment without condemnation, validation, support and acknowledgement. The current inexplicable romantic moment of involvement presents beseeching knowledge at every turn to be fully lived and experienced. Other vital relationships will add to the ever spiraling ascent in cosmic consciousness. Instead of fleeing from ‘what appears to be’ awkward or troublesome circumstances or refusing to confront uncomfortable situations, we are made aware of exactly how we are celestially equipped with the energy, mindset, stamina and desire to face the perplexing “cause” in order to incorporate the needed lessons for that particular unfolding revealing experience.

If we but remember there is not one single entity who does not prefer his company above all other company and his way of doing things far beyond measure of all others. Yet, it is by and through the persistently engaging in other projected dimensions of ourselves that we advance as a thoroughly vested sacred human being. And, as one ancient master declared, “Did I not say that ye are gods?”


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