Runescape Firemaking Guide RS Beginners’ Guide to Making What He Needs to Cook His Meals

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After a hard day of killing Runescape monsters, chopping wood and doing other trade skill and combat related activities. It would be nice if a character could sit down by a nice roaring fire. After getting a few appropriate logs from the woodcutting trade skill, and preparing the ingredients for some cooking recipes, the next thing a character needs to do is build himself a fire. A nice fire is also a good way to prepare the fish caught from the lakes and rivers of the game world.

Unlike other games where fire building is either passive or unnecessary, firemaking is a skill in Runescape, just as it is in real life. The process in Runescape requires less time and knowledge than firemaking as a real life survival skill, but a character must have the proper skill and knowledge to make a fire for his campsite.

Runescape Firemaking Equipment

The tools for starting a fire in real life are simple and have been made easier by technology. Matches are not available for Runescape characters, but a tinderbox is necessary for any firemaking attempt. That is not quite true, Runescape paid members can use bows to help start a fire, if he has undergone barbarian training. In the real world, a specially constructed bow is required to light a fire, but the Runescape firemaking skill lets a player use any long bow or short bow.

In order for a Runescape character to raise his firemaking skill most quickly, he should seek out a device called a gnomish lighter. The lighters, despite the name, merely change the color of the logs used to construct a fire. This gives a character an additional ten experience points from each fire made.

Raising a Runescape Character’s Firemaking Skill

The pattern to level skills in Runescape is easily understood. The more often a character uses the skill, the higher his level becomes. The lowest level woods wield the least experience and a player must have a certain firemaking skill level before he can successfully build a fire from the higher level logs. According to Global Runescape, Maple logs can only be cut on members only servers, but can be sold on all servers. The progression chart can be found on the Global Runescape web site.

Other Runescape Firemaking Items

Light sources, which can be used to help light a fire and to find a character’s way in the dark, are only available to paid Runescape members, but other items such as the construction fireplace and construction burners. The difference is that the former can be built or used in a Runescape character’s house, while lighting a burner at the appropriate place gives the characters who lights the burner prayer experience.

Pyre Logs

Paid Runescape characters with the firemaking skill can light pyre logs which give a character more firemaking experience than any other type of wood in the game, but a player must obtain the sacred oil in order to light these logs. If the pyre logs are lit on a funeral pyre, the player receives more firemaking experience than he would have otherwise.

A player who has read this guide has a good idea of how to go about getting firemaking experience. A player can now have his Runescape character enjoy all the thrills of camping without having to experience the player having to experience the downside of getting back to nature.


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