The Growth of The Great Depression

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The  Growth of the Great Depression

“But I tell you: Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, that you may be sons of your Father in heaven. He causes his sun to rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous.”-Matthew


                                                         for treasures306


              Where has vanished the sweet harmony?

You can have it

Sermon on the Mount

Turn again, turn again   

A wrong way have the people gone

 Forsaking Non-violence and Truth

O that is great shame!

Look, our planet bleeds,

Thick polluted with terror.

There’s not the tiniest space

But in its motion groans and weeps.


Come, O ancient sages!

Come, O Shepherd from the hill!

Pierce all stratagems, all falsehood

With your sweetest touch.

For Anthrax and chemical weapons

May create a bigger Hiroshima.

More lethal than Bomb. Noxious  furnace..

Does malice or sorcery guide missiles to targets?

Who is conspiring to fire the deadly weapons

From the moon itself?

Unto you I come again

Till you protect the sheep.


Divine command none obeys

And we have gone astray

Alas! False enchanter  governs our ensnared spirit

Prefers venom to fountain pure

As the autumnal winds threaten the golden ore

Sorcerer’s fundamentalism entices

Temple, mosque, church grow dark.

Distant cheer of sacred hymns and psalms

Recedes now, fainter

Down the devouring crags

And bitter is my grief.

Has man become sadist?


In Kashmir, fierce encounter;

Mortal shelling, landmine blast;

No more vernal breezes

From groves and dales cheer our soul

No more happy rivulets sing now,

The last mirth  has expired.

Landmines kill near the meadows

While the soft landscape trembles, nay, bleeds.


Sadly we witness false  intellectuals

In a world of stygian gloom and shelterless tree

Befriending  Hecate’s snares

Assailed by vengeance

And  sullen ego-

Fanaticism. Remember Ayodhya,

Australian priest’s murder.

Rampant self-indulgence

Diseased mind

Beware of the sordid land!

Invisible Furies pursue us:

Solitary saint worships in the desert

Near the sacred rock red with Jesus blood.


 Soon a thousand missiles of  Satan and his demons deadly

From his lake of fire and sulphur

Attacked the Poet.

The Poet was captured, but rescued by

Almighty Jehovah , the destroyer of awful monsters,

And the fiery monster was tormented forever and ever.


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