Jesus Preaches:psalm of The Soul

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Jesus Preaches:Psalm of the Soul

“Only in you I’m complete” — Colossians 2:10

                                             for Paul Barksdale


By wells and rills

Under the happy heavens   

In meadows green

For an armor against nuclear bomb

The Poet cries and calls

‘Where have you been all these years, my beloved one?

O Lamb of God!

Come quick

To make Father known,

And purge us of sins:

Come to defeat Satan’s crew

And  regain rose garden


Now unforgiving  nuclear weapons darken

Innocent earth, unfold vicious design

By radiation leaked or spilled

Legacy of death

Lasts for billions of years

The lily, rose, doves, sparrow

And none of us will ever be the same

Beware of Nuclear waste tanks.


Jesus kissed the Poet and spoke thus:

‘Cities will evaporate

Global civilization crumble

Hundreds of billions die

In one cataclysmic moment

Mushroom clouds rain

Radioactive fall-out

As the nukes explode

But I shall protect the chosen few

The believer, humble and repentant

I shall protect

For whom Sermon on the Mount is the food they eat

Word is their breath’.

Après la pluie, le beau temps


I am the bread of life

I am the real vine

 Smoke of terrorism rises upwards,

 Holy Ghost blooms inwards

Battles demons

Penetrates the underworld

Saves the chosen few.

Coherence, stability the world needs.

Truce, negotiations. Peace, rest for all.

I come again to Golgotha

The Place of the Skull

Ignorant earth crucifies me

 Mary Magadelene, first witness to empty tomb, cries

  ‘Rabboni, where are you’?


A mere whisper of love

And you see me again

You believe because you see me

Seven demons will be cast out

If you believe without seeing me

And the fierce Satan

That hath lost us heaven,

Ceases to tempt.

Poet! The hour has come

Show His glory on earth

Revive  human spirit invincible

Create new thought forms, astral world of love,

Humbleness and charity.

And become as little children.

As children alone, you find wisdom.

Death lurks in the terrorist’s web

Poison of asps under the lips.

Remember, a little child

 Fearless in my kingdom

 Lamb with Holy Nails

Conquers the enemy.


Après la pluie, le beau temps. After the rain comes the nice weather.


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