My Daughter Is a Recovering Autistic; How She Was Damaged From The Mmr Vaccine, Triggering Autism

Jennifer was like any other baby. She developed like my two older kids so there was no warning on that fateful day. When I took her to the doctor for a routine checkup and vaccinations, she was 13 months old. She was already saying 2 words together and had started to walk over a month before. Then came the jab that changed all of our lives forever! A routine MMR (Measles, Mumps, Rebella) containing the preservatve thimerosal was given to her in the arm. She instantly began to scream! At the time, I thought it was just from the pain of the needle. After we had her home for about4 hours the screaming became a continuous, very shrill high pitched screeching and her little body became hot to the touch. I began to get very concerned. I called the doctor who proceeded to tell me that it was just a “normal reaction” to the jab and it should subside in a few hours. IT DIDN’T!!! As a matter of fact, it got worse! She became lethargic. This screeching went on for the next 4 days. After taking her to the Emergency room with a fever of 105 we were told the same thing by the young intern there; that it was a normal reaction to the vaccine and would subside in a short time and to give her children’s Tylenol every 4 hours.

When her temperature finally went down to normal again there was something very strange that happened. My bright, beautiful little girl would not look me in the eye! Then I noticed that she would not stand up! She had reverted back to crawling again. The third thing that was alarming was that she stopped talking! She went back to babbling. It was pretty clear! That shot had hurt my baby! I took her to the pediatrician about a week later, and was told that it was “normal” for babies to regress before moving ahead. Maybe that is true, but this was very very different! It was a direct response to the MMR vaccine she had been jabbed with and it was no minor regression. In fact, it lasted for a very long time.

Jennifer did not walk again until she was 15 months old. Her speach became nothing more than non-sensical echolalia. She started repeating things like television commercials and entire shows verbatim, most of which were sung, not spoken. She still would not make eye contact with anyone. she would not let anyone hug or touch her with excpetion of myself.

She was diagnosed at the age of 3 with Autism. It came about when I took her to a preschool and she refused to associate with the group of other children. Instead she scooted on her rear end around the parameters of the room, crawling under the tables. The teachers tried but could do nothing to engage her attention. They suggested I take her to a pediatric neurologist. There it was confirmed! My daughter had autism. He suggested I put her on Prozac! It kind of shocked me because Prozac is for depression! When I asked him why he said it would help to keep her “under better control”. I flatly refused! I did NOT want to CONTROL my daughter! I wanted to CURE her! I gave up on the conventional doctors and medicine and dove head first into anything and everything else I could get my hands on.

I quit my job as a Web Developer and my new life goal became an obsession to save my baby from the silent non-communicative world she had fallen into! I knew one thing and that was that my baby until the time of that MMR jab had been developing like any other “normal” child and I was determined to reverse the damage! I would reverse the damage! There was something I could do for her out there and I would find out what it it was!

My days were filled with surfing the internet for any kind of information that shed a glimmer of light. I was lucky because it took all of three days. I found a group of people who had autistic children with horror stories of vaccinations of their own. I began attending Autism Conferences. I read a book that really opened my eyes for the first time! It was called “Unravelling the Mysteries of Autism and Pervasive Developmental Disorder” Written by Karyn Seroussi, a mother of a son who was autistic and she methodically with the help of her husband, a doctor, found multiple interventions that when used together had remarkable results. This began with a gluten casein free diet.

I gradually weaned Jennifer off all dairy and wheat or gluten products. Weaning off of gluten and casein is like weaning off of heroin. If you do it cold turkey you will suffer possibly deadly side effects.

Improvements were virtually immediate! It was nothing short of remarkable! Two days after the last time she at anything with gluten or casein in it she looked me straight in the eye for the very first time in her 4 years of life and said “mommy I love you”! I was blown away! That was the beginning of her recovery.

Other interventions I used included anti-funcgal therapy, yeast intake ceasation, (she tested positive for intolerance on 6 out of 7 yeasts) and removing processed foods, especially sugars from her diet. I completely stopped vaccinating. I read the ingredients of everything that goes into her mouth and if there are any “suspiscious ingredients in it she doesn’t eat it.

The improvements have continued. She is 14 now and an honor roll student with good conversational skills. I don’t think of her as “cured”, as she still has some residiual autistic characteristics like extreme shyness with other kids and sensitivity to bright lights and loud sounds. She will be a “recovering autistic” like a recovering alcoholic is never cured for the rest of her life.

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