Australian Folklore Series Introduction And Contents

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Series Introduction:

When colonisers came to Australia, they encountered an environment beyond the most impressive fantasy tales of their time. Regularly encountering creatures thought to be millions of years extinct these new Australians didn’t know how to tell fact from fiction. They heard the legends from the Indigenous Dreamtime and in such a strange land, had to assume that everything they heard of was real.

In modern times Australian Folklore combines the oldest known unchanged religion on earth with European imagination and the flair of the most multicultural country on Earth. It has spread across the planet so that now every country tells tales which have their origin here. From min min lights (Spirit Orbs), to Yowie (Bigfoot) and our very own Bunyip, Australian Folklore is a fantastic journey into human and environmental history, as well as our own imagination.

As well as explaining what these myths are, and how they have spread, I am endeavouring to find the possible origins and their scientific explanations. Many say that there is truth at the core of every tale, and so it must be with these fantastic mythical creatures. This series is aimed at answering the question; what truth is there in fantasy?

As this series progresses, I will be linking titles to this page so that it can serve as an online table of contents. The first two editions in this series titled Bunyip and Yowie have previously featured on other sites. I have four further editions planned which will feature first here on Bukisa.

Table of Contents:


One of the most popular creatures from Australian Folklore, the Bunyip is said to be a large creature which dwells in swamps, lakes and billabongs drawing humans to their deaths.


The most global folklore known is of a hairy ape-like human living in the wilderness. The creature is known by many names, Bigfoot, Yeti, and Sasquatch are only some. In Australia it is called Yowie, and dates back over 50,000 years.

Planned in this series:

Drop Bears

Min Min Lights

Queensland Tiger aka Yarri

Big Cats in NSW (Blue Mountains)


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