Pray From The Heart

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There are times when I do not like to pray. Sometimes I have nothing to pray. Often times I do not know how to pray! I have noticed that during relax and easy times in my life it is the time when I felt I do not like to pray. Why is that?! But God is so faithful in my life that he revealed to me some of the reasons. It is because during relax and easy times I do not acknowledge his goodness and faithfulness. I would fail to see his touch in the air that I breath, I would fail to see his provisions in the water and food that I take in the morning. I ignore his protection when I rest during the night that if he was not watching over me it would be possible that I could no longer wake up in the morning because of suffocation in my bad dream! God allowed me to see that being honest with what I felt invites his attention to my prayers that the more I tell him in an honest way the more I am carried with his presence. The more I tell him that I do not like to pray, that I don’t know how to pray at this moment – the more I am drawn closer to him. Honesty indeed is one way of having a Godfilled prayer. One more thing, there are moments when I preferred to be in an unpleasant situation because I felt it is mostly the time when I am in a prayer mood! Maybe because I want more of God’s help. But prayer is not always asking for help or asking for needs and wants, prayer is communicating, talking and keeping in touch with the ultimate creator of everything. God revealed to me that he is interested in what I think about, what I feel and what I desire. When I am honest in talking with him even if it is just telling him that I do not like to pray, he is listening! Who does want to be in an unpleasant situation anyway? Me? Honestly, I do not like to be but if it is to feel the presence of the Lord, I’d rather be. But wait, which is more better, relax and easy or unpleasant situation? Do not wait for unpleasant things but seek to discover his goodness and faithfulness in your most blessed – relax and easy moment. He deserves it!


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