How To Unplug Your Lavatory (Sink)

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Learning what tool to have on hand and how it works will save you lots of money by not having to hire a plumber.

It can be very expensive to hire a plumber to unplug your lavatory. learning how to unplug your lavatory is simple if you thank about what might cause your sink to plug up.

In 98% of all cases lavatory sinks plug up because of hair and soap suds. By using the proper size plunger you will be able to bring up hair and soap particles that can be removed by hand. See picture.

This is a small plunger made for lavatories. In some cases you can use the next size plunger. See picture.

Its hard to tell with this picture how much larger the sink plunger is from the lavatory plunger. See the next picture which will show you all three plungers you need to have in your home.

With these three plungers you can unplug any drain in your home 90% of the time. The plunger on top is the sink plunger, middle is the toilet plunger, and the bottom one is the lavatory plunger.

Place your plunger over the drain assembly or P.O. and push down slowly. Bring the plunger up quickly creating a suction to help bring up hair and soap particles. Remove the particles around the P.O. and when you feel comfortable you have removed all the particles I suggest you fill the lavatory up with hot water and insure the drain is draining the water. If not, while the water is going down the drain repeat the process of creating a suction until drain is free of debris.


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