Aphogee Hair Products

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Aphogee Hair Products are inexpensive products and they are used for women who have damaged or close to damaged hair. It helps to replinish and restore the hairs natural shaft. It also reduces split ends completely. This product is highly recommended. It is all over the internet and our social networking sites. It consists several products:

  •  Aphogee Damaged Hair Shampoo

  • Aphogee 2 Step Protein treatmenthp-set-aph101.jpg
  • .Aphogee Balancing Moisturizer

  • .Aphogee 2 min reconstructer

  •  Aphogee Restrunizer

I have used these products myself and I have come to the conclusion that Aphogee can really helps strengthen your hair.

  1. When I use Aphogee I wash my hair first with the damage shampoo.

  2. I rinse and then I towel blot.

  3. I then use the 2 Step Protein treatment (every 6 weeks) Do not be alarmed as this product will make your hard extremely hard. caution: Do not comb brush stretch or anything. Follow the instructions that are located on the bottle. Rinse and towel blot.

  4. You must then immediately use the balancing moisturizer as this will give your hair its moisture back. Then you can rinse and towel blot.

  5.  After the last step I spray Aphogee restruczinizer which comes as a spray.

  6. Then I would apply a leave in moisturizer (Pantane,Nuvo)any thing that will give your hair allow of moisture.

  7. I then would apply organic coconut oil to seal my ends

This product can be used on natural or relaxed hair.

Everyones experience with this product will be a different one but I guareentee you will love your results.

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My Personal Experience


Videos on how to properly apply:  Ateyaaa does a wonderful job.



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