Pain, Misery And Death

Ever since the beginning of life, painhas been a part of it. There are many ways that people deal with pain, but the truth is it is an inescapable constant, like the sun rising, or deathand taxes. If you are in pain I apologize but there is not much I can do for you, I can only tell you what the options are.

If you have cancer for example, doctors may prescribe you pain killers, and this may work for a while, but if you continue to increase the dosage with your growing tolerance, it will kill you as fast as the cancer will. Perhaps not such a bad thing, if you are dyinganyway.

Pain can sometimes seem like a mountain when it is in fact a molehill, and many people take it too seriously. There are certain things you can do such as diverting your attention to other things, meditation, trying natural highs like sex,or chocolate, but in the end, it comes down to accepting the feeling and not freaking out about it.

This can be hard to do at times, but if you cannot accept a given pain, and there is no hope whatsoever in ever getting rid of the feeling, you may be considering suicide. If you do, there are certain things you must think about, for example: is death the end?

The only logical answer is it may be the end of anything you remember from this life, and it may possibly be the start of a new life, there is no way to tell, until you get there. In my other articles I go into the origins of the universe, (or the fact the universe may be eternal), andthe implications for a possible reincarnation of some kind. 

These are questions you must have a handle on before you consider going into the afterlife, or death, willingly or unwillingly. My own views are supported by my understanding ofscience,and not any particular religion,but in my other articles i discuss how there is no mention of Hell in the bible, and in the first testament, it only says, that the dead are conscious of nothing at all.

I also discuss religions like Buddhism, the scientific possibility of endless reincarnation, in one form or another. I suggest you search some more on the answers to the universe, because, as I see it the pain never stops completely, and neither does the pleasure.

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