Cute Kittens And Essential Pet Care

Kittens have the reputation of being the cutest animal a person can come across and that makes you want to bring one home. However, bringing a kitten home is just the start of some serious responsibilities.

Since this bundle of fluff that has captured your heart has been born she has been able to snuggle up to her mother securely.

 This kitten has suddenly been plucked from her safe haven where she knows that she has been given small bits of kitten food and her mother’s milk to sustain her cat health.

Taking all this into account do not be surprised if kitty is stressed. To help take away some of the stresses have a cat bed, cat blanket, quality kitten food (not cat food) and plenty of toys already for her homecoming. Plenty of affection will help her settle in her new home.

Place your kitten in a cat bed with a small hot water bottle (not filled with scalding hot water) and a blanket.

Always have nearby clean water and food available, complete with a cat litter tray slightly further away.

 You are in charge of this kitten’s cat health including feeding and medical care.

 Take your kitten to your local vets for an examination, essential vaccinations and a medical check up.

Cat nutrition for your kitten at this stage in her life is important. Balancing cat diets can be exhausting at the best of times and we at Hills Pets have made that balance easy with our quality pet food.

We know that feeding your pet with our balanced pet food (that contains the correct amount of proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, essential minerals without too much salt or fat) contributes to the formation of healthy bones and strong muscles.

Once your kitten becomes an adult cat a pet diet has to change accordingly and we have the essential adult cat food that will continue to keep your pet in good cat health.

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