Reporting Child Abuse

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      It is sad to have to report child abuse. This isn’t the old days were people would turn a blind eye on this kind of behavior. There is something you can do about stopping this. All it takes is a phone call from a pay phone to Child Protective Service. Tell them what you know and let them go from there.

      I have seen and reported child abuse. It is scary and hard to see families broken apart because parents can’t control their anger. When this happens few parents get their kids back. Before reporting any child abuse makes sure there is abuse going on: unexplained bruises, cuts, broken bones, or is the child with drawn or aggressive. Are they scared when there are sudden movements close to them? There are many ways a child will express their feels.

       Child abuse is a common thing these days. Child abuse comes in the form of physical, mental, and sexual. Calling a child names is child abuse. We as loving parents sometimes need to scratch that love to other children. We need to pay attention to our kid’s friends and the kid’s they play with at the park. You find abused children all over the place.

        If you find you have to call but don’t want to be known as the one that called it’s ok. Go to a pay phone and call them with the information. If you have to call from your own phone you can tell the worker you don’t want them to say where they got the information from. When you call on someone you don’t know it’s easier but when you call on a family member it’s hard. The child will be safe and you will know you helped that child to have a better life.


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