Understanding Islam a Little Better

The Shihada ( deceleration of faith ) is to declare there is no god but the one God (Allah) and Mohammad is Allah’s prophet. When a person declares this out loud with sincere and pure intentions in their hearts, they become Muslims. That’s all it takes. As many  writers in the past have said ” How can anyone compete with such a religion, when at the end of the declaration, YOU ARE AN INSTANT BROTHER”. No matter where you come from, how rich, how poor, how smart. The Muslim body is supposed to view things as a whole society and not be built on personal achievements.

The base of the teachings of Islam encourage constant charity for those able to do so, don’t even build wealth for yourself in this life. The true wealth is in the hereafter. Strive in the way of good and Allah will reward you for all your deeds and no reward is greater then the reward from Allah, even if the reward was the size of the sun. That big is such a small reward compared to the rewards Allah has prepared for the believers.

Islam attracted so many of the poor and oppressed. Those who felt weak and isolated, had a renowned vision of strength and steadfast against those oppressing them. Now they truly realized that their oppression is not cause because of themselves, but the actions of those around them.  Almost all of the first Muslims to walk with Mohammad peace be with him were among the poorest.

At the time in Mecca. Pagan idols were being worshiped and the adulterers came from all sides of the areas. It is said that the Kaba was filled with over 300 plus statues of man made statues. These statues were not only views as gods by the Meccan’s, but more so as a way to cheat many of those traveling and those seeking spiritual help or guidance. It was big business for them and they were very rich from it.

Mohammad’s vision was unlike anything they wanted to hear. Destroy all the statues and worship the one true (unseen) God over all that exists. All people have equal rights , no one is better then another except by their actions and piety. Giving all human beings equal rights in front of God.

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