Difficulties of Parenting

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There are many different difficulties of parenting threw out all stages of parenting. The difficulties could be physical or mental. Each stage of parenting has its own problems. The stages are early parenting or infants, toddlers, children, preteens, teens and young adults.

When you bring home your baby for the first time it really is a great experience. What you don’t know is the problems that are ahead. A newborn can be stressful for a new parent and parents who have other children. It has physical and emotional problems on the new parents. A very common problem for newborns is crying. First thing a new parent things of is the baby is hungry or needs a diaper change. In most cases that is what the baby wants. There are other reasons for babies to cry. A baby cries because that is how the baby communicates with you. A baby could cry because it has an unset stomach or ear infection. It also could cry because it’s hot or cold or uncomfortable.  Another reason is it could cry because it wants attention or be loved. Holding a newborn when it’s awake and when it’s asleep is important. A baby needs to feel loved and safe. A crying baby is hard on the parent if they don’t know what the baby is crying about. It can make a parent feel over stressed. When that happens it is best to hand the baby for a bit to a relative or friend and take a break. It is important for the parent or parents to not to be over stressed around a child. This is very common for newborns and infants.

Toddlers are fun and exciting to have as well. Toddlers are at the age they will test you on everything. They like to see how far they can push you. They are a handful when it seems like all they want to do is get into things. For parents they need to remember that they are learning by exploring. They get into everything because they want to know how it feels, what it taste like, the noises it makes. They push your limits to see what they can or should do and what not to do. This is where baby proofing your house is handy. They also get lot of bumps and burses during this time of their life. As parents if we see our kid hurt we automatically want to fix it. Sometimes it is best to let the kid fall and get him or herself back up. If they cry go wipe it off and clean it. If they don’t let them see if they could do it their self. It is important not to so called bubble wrap a child a this age cause they will not learn to get back on the so called horse themselves. This is the beginning of there independence. Let them know you still be there for them but let them do it their self first.

Children are fun to have as well and not always as stressful on the parent. When they get into this stage you got the parenting thing down. At this stage there still are problems. Children biggest problem is not minding. This is very important on what the parent does. If a parent says one thing to a child and does what they said not to, then why would the child listen? Children pick up on words or communication very well. They also pick up on actions more. The main thing for parents to remember is action speaks louder then words. This is also true for teens and young adults.

Teens and young adults will test your limits again. If you stop and think about it you been threw this stage when they were toddlers. This time they are more independent and a little more hateful at times. They are very scared about what changes their body and emotions are doing. This is the most stressful time for a parent because they want to always be there physically for their children but realizing that they are very independent at this time. It will get easier to cope with. The biggest mistake parents make is that they want to push what the teens should and shouldn’t do. Tell them why you feel the way you feel. Remember the harder you push and they don’tlike it they will go in the opposite direction.These stages are very hard for parents and need to remember when you need a break, take it.


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