Teen Cash in

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If you have a teen you no about the weekly allowance that you have to hand out every week.

Here you will find some good ideas for your teen.

 Computer Caretaker

If your teens a computer whiz he or she can start a computer caretaker business with more and more families

getting computers in there homes, there is a great need for a new type of household help if your teen love working

with computers and can clean up hard drives he or she can earn a substantial amount of money by offering

there services as a computer caretaker tasks may include reorganizing hard drive, cleaning out viruses, 

installing programs , update files. or adding more memory. fees for a computer caretaker can go from $60 per 

hour; a teen can charging $20 per hour  can make grate money and save there clients a grate deal.

Leaf Raker

Here is another good way to earn money if you have a good leaf blower or a good rake and your teen has the will to 

work  make up some flyer and put in each mailbox and wait for the offers to fly in .

Note: Please use caution if your teen plans to use the leaf blower. I hope these tips will help your teen to make money for them self .


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