My Nike Ipod (Part Two)

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Now that I’m a little more into this Nike iPod system, I decided to tool around the website.  Itunes makes it very easy, since it will ask you if you want to connect to the website every time you sync your iPod.  After a while of tooling around, I got really frustrated that everything kept showing up in kilometers, instead of miles.  I finally able to find the instructions on one of the forums, that led me to my profile, then to the settings & My Preferences–just before I got so frustrated that I quit. 

The Nikerunning website is pretty interesting-you can see all of your runs, as well as your running speed throughout the run.  To be honest, I just need a system that keeps me honest, and keeps me running so that I can plug in the data from that morning’s run.  You can’t cheat a data upload (although I’m sure there are computer geeks out there who are trying just that).  The computer tells you exactly what you ran, and how fast you ran it. 

The other cool thing is that you can set your own “goals” and a coach, in case you are trying to run a 5K, 10K, half-marathon, or whatever.  However, this system is flexible enough so that you can set goals related to calorie-burning, running a certain number of miles (there’s a tiered level system that ranges from yellow to black to let you know how far into the “cool” club you are).

My goal is to try & run a little faster than I do now (about 8 minute miles), so I set my “coach” to complete the 5K training program (12 weeks), and to be able to run 7 ½ minute miles at the end of that program.  It spits out the distances I’m supposed to run on my assigned days of the week.  For example, I know that I’m supposed to run another 3 miles on Wednesday and 4 miles on Friday.  

I plan to post more “how to’s” and updates, from a beginner’s view, as I explore more about the Nike+ experience.  Hopefully, I’ll put up my next update after I go from yellow (the very beginner’s stage) to orange (people who’ve had their Nike + system long enough to put 30 miles on it)!  Until then, keep running, or at least keep trying!


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