Ways to Get Bushels in Farmville

In FarmVille, you can use Bushels in many different ways.  And sometimes you will find yourself wishing you had more of a certain kind of bushel or wondering how you can get your hands on bushels for crops you can’t plant yet.  Never fear!  There are lots of ways to get bushels in Farmville.

Tried and True: Plant and Harvest

Planting and harvesting your own crops might not be the fastest way to get bushels, but it is the most self-reliant way to get bushels.  When you plant and harvest your own crops, you will find bushels as you harvest.  The chance of finding bushels when you harvest your crops increases based on how many of that crop you have harvested so far and if you have mastered the crop.  If you have the crop mastered, you will find a lot of bushels, so you probably don’t need to plant as many of the crop.  It is rumored to be necessary to harvest at least 100-150 of a crop to start getting bushels.  The key, though, is to master those crops that you need the most bushels for so that you can get more bushels as you harvest.

Stalker Method: Your News Feed

If you don’t spend much time looking at your “Most Recent” News Feed, you are missing out on lots of bushels!  When your friends post about bushels they have collected or they are sharing bushels from their inventory, these posts will show up on your news feed.  Monitor your news feed daily and try to grab samples of the bushels that you need.  You are limited to one bushel per post, but you can collect from every post if you catch them before they are gone.

Pay Up: Your Neighbor’s Farmer’s Markets

Okay, so it doesn’t actually cost anything to buy bushels from your neighbors.  But there is a limit of 3 bushels per friend per 24 hour period.  You can search your neighbor’s farmer’s markets by friend or buy crop.  Make sure you evaluate all the people who have the crops that you need before you start buying.  If you need 4 wheat and 2 strawberries, make sure that your friend who is selling wheat is not the only friend who is selling strawberries.  If you use up  your bags on one crop, it will be too late to try to buy the other crop.  Buy wisely and hopefully there will be enough bushels to go around.

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